Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Baby Jack....or is it Tanith???

You think I am already picking out baby names don't you?!?!?

Well, I'm not....I am just wondering what is in my best friend Kim's belly....a Jack or a Tanith? Where did these names come from you ask??? Well, let me tell you.

Chris (her hubby) and Kim took us on a WONDERFUL trip to Disney the week after consignment mania for her 30th birthday. She told me they had "pulled the goalie" (if you know what I mean) and were going for #2. We were thrilled to hear that Chris is a good soccer player and scored the winning goal while in Disney. GO CHRIS!

Now, while in Disney...we had lunch at a yummy spot in Epcot and our adorable waitress' name was Tanith and yes, she was VERY British with an ad0rable accent which I tried to mock with not much luck. I told Kimberly she ought to name her next one Tanith...it sounded cute for about 52 minutes.

Although I am really good at telling people when they are pregnant (at not the most appropriate times I might add), I really suck at telling people the sex of their babies so I am dying to know what this one will be. Chris is convinced it is a Baby Jack but I am still pulling for Tanith, which is ridiculous b/c she won't name her Tanith anyway.

Anyway, really thrilled for you guys...I can't wait to meet the new little one and watch McKinley be the BIG SISTER! Oh and by the way, Chris, I think you are dead on...I think it's a Jack too!


Chris Thomas said...

Uhh, I think I'm supposed to feel embarrassment or something after that whole "Chris is a good soccer player" comment. BUT I DON'T! Come on Baby Jack!!!

Seriously, we had a great time at Disney, and there's no freaking way we're naming this kid Tanith.

Kim Thomas said...

Awe, I don't know what to say. Sweet post - thanks! My husband's comment made me laugh out loud! We will see won't we???

Karen said...

I don't know...I am thinking a Tanith. Bobbys says he always figured you for more of a football guy chris!