Monday, April 30, 2007

Migraine Headaches

Sometimes it is hard to ask for prayers or help, but I am asking for them now. As many of you know, I struggle with migraine headaches and we think we have narrowed it down to them being caused by hormonal changes during "that" time of the month. I had a HORRIBLE one Friday, good day Saturday, so so Sunday, but today as the day progresses my head is getting worse. So bad that I am getting ready to cancel accountability which I hate to do, lock myself in a dark room and go to bed. I begin a preventative tomorrow morning and they are trying to get my appointment with the neurologist as quickly as possible so please say a prayer. It sucks always having a headache, esp. when they make you want to loose your lunch. My hubby and kids miss me, heck, I miss me.

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Kim said...

Oh yuck. I'm sorry and will pray for relief. Won't call in the morning.