Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Frugal Shopper and THE CRIB

Well, I bought a crib...yep, a crib. How strange to have a crib coming to STAY in my house.

I was just "searching" around on ebay and found this eBay: Morigeau-Lepine Crib & Dresser/Changing Table Set - EUC (item 1101130385 and realized it hadn't sold and that the owner lived in Franklin, TN. I emailed her, offered a lot less and what do you know...it is ours! We go to pick it up sometime this week and then I am going to have our faithful furniture maker (Barry Faith) paint it black. It will go perfectly in Anna's room (it would also go perfectly in a 4th bedroom...hint...hint)

I also bought an amazing entertainment center off Craigslist. Have I mentioned I am a craigslist junkie? They should form a support group for us. I have bought and sold half the crap in my house on craigslist. I find yard sales on craigslist, I find American Girl stuff for Anna on craigslist, our sectional in our bonus room...you get the point. I just hope they don't figure out that they aren't making enough money and start charging us to use craigslist.

Now if I could just find a kid on craigslist...

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