Monday, April 16, 2007

Crack me up...

Ok, so I know that I have "talked" about doing this for A know I have a lot of things to ponder with you guys on and it's about time I got off my rump and started blogging.


Wow, there is a lot going on at my house right now. Anna has TCAP testing this week so she is all stressed out about going to bed on time which is an absolute joke b/c we have to basically strap her into bed to get her to go to bed on time the other 360 days of the year. Isaac and Luke had their last official "shower" in the upstairs tub tonight b/c we are convinced they are going to flood the second floor if they keep it up. On top of that, I got hardly any sleep last night b/c I was up to the wee hours in the morning reading sites on adoption.

Wait, did I just say that OUT LOUD!! Why yes, I did my friends. The Freeman family is planning an expansion....not sure when, not sure how....but we are. We sent our first application to Bethany Christian Services here in Nashville last week and go to our first official meeting on May 4th so start praying for us! I am so excited that sometimes I just can't contain myself but I am trying to remain calm and rational.

It's funny the reactions we are already getting. My favorite so far has been Pam (and I'll explain who she is in a later entry). I was at the clinic (more on that later too!) and Pam walks in and I am getting ready to mail in our application. She had never seen a pic of my kids before so of course, I whip out the pic of my precious children and she ooohs and aaaahs like she is supposed to and then I tell her, "yes, we are sending in our application for adoption." She looks at me with that sweet smile that she has and I go on to say, "yes, I could only have my three kiddos" to which she says "AND!" I guess three was enough for her....and three may be enough for me if that is what God has in store for us. We are just walking in his will and we will see what happens. Hang in there folks, it might be a bumpy ride!

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