Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Sick Eyes

I love Anna's sick eyes....I hate to see them because I know she is sick, but they are so precious when she isn't feeling good. The get REALLY blue and she always looks a little sleepy. We woke up this morning to see those sick we got ready and she came to the clinic with me. Sure enough, strep throat. She opted not to get the shot and just take the medicine so she will have to miss a few days of school.

Grandmother Freeman came and got her and she is spending the day hanging out there. She called me at the clinic and left me a voicemail when I didn't answer right away. It was in that moment of listening to the voicemail that I truly realized how much she has grown up. Her message was something like, "Hi mom, I know you are probably busy but when you get a sec, give me a buzz at Grandmothers. I had a question for you." I just stared at the phone for a grown up is that!!!

In a few days she will be 100% again and I'll miss those sick eyes once again!

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