Thursday, May 3, 2007

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY

Yep, tomorrow we go to our first "official" meeting at Bethany Christian Services and it lasts 8 hours. 8 hours is enough to overwhelm me, regardless of topic! Seriously, Jonathan and I are pretty excited and we are also excited to have sort of a "date" day together without the kiddos. Tomorrow we get our formal application packet for the adoption so we will have a busy weekend trying to get all that information filled out.

So did I tell everyone that Isaac and Luke registered for kindergarten last Friday? Yes, you heard me...kindergarten!!! Seems like yesterday I was at the ultrasound where they told me it was twins and now they are ready for school. Where does time go? If that doesn't make me feel old enough, I spoke at my twins club on Tuesday night (POTATO-Parents of Twins and Triplets Organization) about scrapbooking. Although the meeting was great, it was really strange because I hadn't been at a meeting in over a year and when I walked in, I immediately remembered that when the boys were young, I always wondered why there weren't a lot of members with older sets of multiples at the meetings. It hit me Tuesday night that I was a member with an older set of multiples. Sure enough, the majority of the members there had babies. It was great to meet the new members and to share with them my passion of scrapbooking and journaling. People always tell you when your children are babies to enjoy them because the time will fly, but you don't believe it until you realize that suddenly five years HAS FLOWN BY and they were right. I am so thankful that Mindy Manuel taught me how to scrapbook 8 years ago because my books are so precious to me and without them, I wouldn't have a record of the wonderful lives of my children thus far.

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