Wednesday, May 30, 2007

This should tell you about my day so far....

A few things to consider before going to a walk in facility or the ER:

1* if you need a dentist, please go to the dentist. Do not go to the walk in doctor's office and/or ER wanting pain meds for your teeth. Chances are you won't get it. Go to a dentist.

2*if you can't afford your pain medicine, I can't help you. I've given you all my samples and more than likely you are the person that calls me 40 times a day complaining about the fact that you don't have the money to get your scripts filled and you drive us nuts save the breath, save the phone call....this is not the bank. I can't help you.

3*if you have any type of venereal disease and it's confirm that after testing your blood for it, PLEASE save yourself the trouble and don't act like you don't know where you got it. If you do know where you got it, we don't need to know. We just need you to know you have it and we really hope that for the sake of the population at large that you will treat it.

4*if you have dental pain, please read line 1.

5*if you want us to fill out 32 forms for you to take a leave of abscence for your "back pain", please consider being nice when you ask us to do this for you. We are a walk in facility, not your primary care doctor. We would love for you to go to a primary care doctor since we are an walk in clinic and usually "back pain" is not that urgent.

6*if you show up at 8:15am and can see the BIG sign on the door that says we open at 8:30am, please don't act upset that I opened the door at 8:30am. It's not my fault that you were early. I was on time.

7*if you have dental pain, I have a great dentist in the Rivergate area that I would be happy to refer you to. I am sorry you don't have dental insurance, but guess what, today that is not my problem.

8*if you don't want to wait to see the doctor, I am really sorry, but that is a decision you are making, not me. Trust me when I say I am working my tail off to get you back to the see the doctor as soon as possible, but when I have a person on line one yelling at me about her worker comp papers, line two wants to know why they should have to pay their bill, and you are in my face about the fact that you have waited in your chair for four minutes, you really aren't helping to speed things up. I have been going to doctors for almost 30 years and trust me when I say, if you can find a doctor where you don't wait, I want his/her phone number.

I am working hard on not judging today....I am definitely being tempted.


Anonymous said...

So does your clinic deal with filling problems? I was thinking about coming by tomorrow at 8:00 am sharp and getting some pain meds for my jaw and getting my annual done while I was there. Ha! Ha! Don't you just love the medical field. It's just ALL there and with people that just aren't all the time! Been there...done that!! Keep on laughing...just think of all the great stories!!!! Call me sometime girl when you are free. Free...What's that?

Kim said...

JuJu's girl...

Brea said...


Unfortunately, I am off tomorrow so I won't be able to help you with your jaw pain, but hey, I am sure that the other girls will be happy to assist you with your jaw pain, annual and any worker comp claims that you need filled out IMMEDIATELY! Girl...we have got to get together!

Yes, Kim, after re-reading it, I am my mother!