Thursday, May 10, 2007

My Girls

I just had to share these two pictures....I found the first one of my best friend Kim and I on my computer tonight as I was trying to print off photos for scrapbooking. This picture was taken on Christmas Eve at church with our girls, Anna and McKinley. I LOVE THIS PIC!

The one below was taken by my best friend Angie and is a pic of her little girl, Alexandra, and her niece Katy. She bought the outfit today at Gymboree for Alexandra and I just love this picture...I have watched in awe as Katy has grown into a beautiful young lady! Isn't this a cute pic!! I LOVE IT!

Just had to share some pics of my girls! :)


Kim said...

Sweet post, sniffle sniffle

Chris Thomas said...

That blonde chick (the one on the far right of the top picture) is hot! Yeah baby!