Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My Favorite Calls at the Clinic

I guess I knew when I signed up to work at the Urgent Care clinic that I would be getting tons of new material, but I am amazed every day at what I am presented with at work. I think I will take this week and post one of my favorite phone calls each day. Below is my favorite phone call thus far:

Phone rings and I answer "Urgent Care, this is Brea" in my pleasant phone answering voice. I hear "Yeah, Uh (pause), Do you guys test for transexually mitted diseases?" I pause as I am annoyed because I am SURE this is someone playing a practical joke so I proceed to say "Excuse Me?" in my best this is not a good day to be messing with me voice. He then preceeds to say, "oh, uh, yeah (pause), I was just calling to see if you test for transexually mitted diseases?" I then realize that he is NOT joking...he really wants to know if we do testing for this. I don't know what concerns me more...the fact that this person is having sex or the fact that he thinks it is really called that. I tell him "yes, we do" in my pleasant phone answering voice and hang up shaking my head.


Kim said...

Reminds me of my favorite phone call at DG from a store manager "I need me some of 'dem T will shorts."

Anonymous said...

Hey Brea,
Bet you didn't know I've been reading your blog :) ; anyway, just wanted to say I laughed out loud while reading this one...very funny.
Rebecca (Ross)