Monday, May 14, 2007

We're getting a new neighbor....

and I am SOOOO's my sister and her husband!! (and baby Maggie and Dexter the dog)

So which house did they buy you ask? Well, they bought ours and we bought a house on the next street over. Yes, you read it correct...we are moving into house #5. WHAT??!?!!?

Totally a God thing which I WILL blog about right now. SO here is the story:

I called Katie Carman last week and left her a voicemail. As I hung up, she called me back not realizing I had just called. She was asking me where a Goodwill drop-off place was and I told her to bring it to our house as we were having the yard sale. THANKS KATIE! Anyway, later that afternoon I checked voicemail on my cell phone and it was Katie telling me that there was a yard sale right up from my house with a TON of baby stuff. So I went...and come to find out, the lady that lives there is the developer of our subdivision's daughter. She has twins that are 8 months old and she was at the POTATO meeting I spoke at last week. Small world huh? We talked and talked and I told her I had heard that her mom and dad were thinking about moving. She said that they weren't sure, but that her brother was definitely going to move. I asked her about the house and gave her my number to give to him. He called that night, we went and looked and loved it and began seriously praying about it. Fast forward to Saturday, we took our family to see it and they all loved it. Kept praying. Sunday morning Alie and Josh told us they wanted our house and so now we are all moving. Yes, the Freeman's are going to take over Victoria Place. Yes, we have lost our minds, but hey, life is REALLY FUN at our house!

So the new house is the next street over. Two years old....four bedrooms, soon to be 3 1/2 baths (we are thinking we are going to have him go ahead and put a third bath in the basement-he's a builder too), big bonus room, HUGE open rooms and a laundry room that is the size of my current master bedroom. I am not kidding, the laundry room ROCKS!!!

Don't worry, we won't hit anybody up to help us move, we are hiring the same guys that moved us 18 months ago. Just promise you will come hang out in our new digs.

I can't wait to have my sister and her husband one street over (in my house!!) The kids are so excited they can't see straight and the thought of her new baby Maggie and our soon to be adopted new child growing up together is AWESOME!!!

Welcome to the neighborhood!

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Kim said...

WOW (pick my mouth up) So uhm, you are not supposed to drop these kinds of bombs on the internet before you TELL YOUR BEST FRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's all I have to say about that. Will surely be fun. When's Juju & Papa Eddie coming down the hill? I give'em a year and a half.