Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Phone Call #2

I actually got this phone call yesterday...this one won't be quite as funny, but goes to show you the average IQ of the people that call on a regular basis.

Phone rings and I answer in my sweet urgenty care type voice, "Urgent Care this is Brea!" A sweet lady starts to explain to me how she was JUST in with strep throat a few days prior. When she came in to see the physician, she brought her daughter in the room with her even though she was the only one being seen. After testing positive for strep, the doctor examined her daughter's throat and found that she, too, had strep throat. He wrote the mom enough prescriptions for both her and her daughter, even though TECHNICALLY we didn't see the daughter (are you following me so far? If not, back up to the beginning and start over) She went on to tell me that he had even given her a script for cough medicine (by the way, I still haven't figured that out, but ok). After she explains ALL OF THIS TO ME in her sweet little voice, she then says, "I am calling to see if you can phone in my daughter the same cough syrup." I politely tell her that I need to get the daughter's chart and I put her on hold. I spend the next five minutes trying to find the daughter's chart (I can't), trying to find the daughter's file in the computer (I can't) AND then I finally pick up the phone and say (in my nice urgenty care voice), "Mam, I am not finding your daughter in the system, has she been here before?" She says, "well, no, but I was hoping he could phone in this prescription for her." I explain to her that it is against the law for us to phone in a script for someone we have never TECHNICALLY seen and that she will need to bring her daughter in. She sits there and there is DEAD SILENCE and just when I am about to say something, she says (in her nice sweet voice), "ok, well let me back up. I was calling to see if you could refill MY cough syrup!"

What rock does she think I live under?

The best part, when I pulled her chart after I told her NO and hung up...she works in a doctor's office as a nurse.

Things that make you go hmmmmmmm


Kim said...

SO FUNNY! IDIOTS what would we do without 'em?

Sarah :0) said...

Yes reminds me of pretty much any day I work. Here's one of my favorites though....a lady bring in a prescription for pain medicine. She states that she's never been here before so we ask if she has insurance and obviously she says "no, it's going to be cash". RED FLAG! We ask for her SS#. Upon running it through we discover that not only does she have the state program but that she also got the same thing filled the day before. When we ask her about this she states..."well my other doctor gave it to me for my headaches and this doctor is giving it to me for my back". ARRRRR...I just want to say when you put a drug in your mouth that is for pain it's for pain everywhere you can not direct which area it will affect. Here's your sign! In reality though...we all know that one Rx is for her and the other one she sells. Welcome to the medical world's only just begun!