Tuesday, September 11, 2007

And now about me...

I always love reading these things when people forward them, but yuck, I hate filling them out over and over again. To remedy that, I will blog it and then from now on, I will just cut and paste over and over again. It can't change that much right?

1. Time this survey started : 11:51 pm
2.. What's your full name: Jennifer Brea Holland Freeman
3.. What are you most afraid of : someone hurting one of my kids
4. What was the last movie that you saw in a theater: Wild Hogs (yes, I lead a sad, depressing life that it has been THAT long since I have been to a movie)
5.. Place of birth : Baptist Hospital, Nashville, TN
6.. Favorite food: wow, there are a bunch. I love chicken meximelts (Taco Bell), the Mikey hot dog (Itty Bitty), a good filet, crab, loaded baked potatoes but only when they are REALLY loaded, the spicy fries that Backyard Burger doesn't serve in TN anymore (yes, I wrote a letter), a Frisco burger and shake (Steak and Shake)...oh, there is just so many! (I wonder how many transfats are in this list!)
7.. What's your natural hair color : brown, I think....now it is gray with brown coloring
8.. Ever been to Alaska: no, not a big cold person but I would like to take a cruise there
9.. Ever been toilet paper rolling: Ok, first, who calls it "toilet paper rolling" Here in TN, we call it good ole fashion ROLLIN. Yes, I have been. A BUNCH. Kim and I have many fond memories from our rollin days in high school.
10.. Love someone so much it made you cry: yes
11.. Been in a car accident: yes
12.. Croutons or bacon bits : both
13.. Favorite day of the week: Saturday (good junking!)
14.. Favorite restaurant : I think we touched on this above...but I do love my PF Changs
15.. Favorite Flower: they are all pretty but I don't like Jonathan to waste money on them. Send me a nap or quiet kids, not flowers.
16.. Favorite sport to watch: now, you see....if it said "Favorite sport" I would have just put football, but to watch....whole new ballgame. I like watching all the weird crap on ESPN late at night. Men lifting trucks to prove how manly they are, etc. I really like to watch my husband watch sports because he gets so wrapped up in it that it totally cracks me up.
17.. Favorite drink: I can't even touch Angie's answer...it's priceless. I'll go with Venti Non Fat White Chocolate Mocha with whip but don't tell me your "accidentally" laying on the whip because that defeats the whole "non-fat" thing.
18.. Favorite ice cream : Chocolate covered banana from Ritter's HAND'S DOWN. Sorry, Cherry Garcia from Ben and Jerry's...there's a new sheriff in town.
19.. Disney or Warner Brothers: Disney
20.. Ever been on a ship: yes and can't wait to go again! LOVE CRUISING!
21.. What color is your bedroom carpet: beige
22.. How many times did you fail your driver's test: This is really sad, I don't remember. No, I didn't do any drugs in high school (or ever for that matter). I guess I passed it the first time because you would think I would remember that failure but alas, I can't.
23.. Before this one, from whom did you get your last e-mail: Candy
24.. What do you do when you are bored: I wish I could find the time to be bored.
25.. Bedtime: obviously not a normal time tonight....usually 11ish
26.. Who will respond to this e-mail the quickest: Everyone who reads this should love me b/c I didn't forward you something else you have to do!
28.. Who is the person that you are most curious to see their
responses : I think everyone that reads this should post about themselves on their blog
29.. Favorite TV show : anything on HGTV or TLC
30.. Last person you went out to dinner with: Angie, Pam and Chrystal
31.. Who do you think will be President: Fred Thompson
32.. What are your favorite colors : red
33.. How many tattoos do you have : one
34.. How many pets do you have: none
35.. Which came first, the chicken or the egg: Who seriously cares?
36.. What do you want to do before you die: see my kids grow up, be on a reality TV show (nothing sleezy), help make a positive impact on people around me and allow them to see Christ in my life
37. Have you ever been to Hawaii: yes, Maui in 6th grade
38. Have you been to countries outside Canada : yep, the US
40.. Time this survey ended : 12:11 am

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Kim said...

OK what was Angie's answer to the drink question. And where do I find that Ritter's ice cream!?!?!?!