Monday, September 17, 2007

Sometimes you just gotta let 'em run!

As I type, my wild yahoos are all three upstairs making loops through the house. From the basement, it sounds like a heard of elephants are running through my house. But you know what? They aren't arguing or fighting nor or they all over me while I type this. Sometimes you just gotta let 'em run (and hope you don't have another visit to Vanderbilt ER as a result of the running)


Anonymous said...

Hey it's Rach! Crazy how the girls inherit the bad. Katie, has also inherited my migraines. She has been sick with one most of the afternoon. I think is from Stress, b/c we have been in the ER all afternoon due to the fact she took a header of her bike and tore a muscle in her shoulder. AGHHHHH! She also dragged her belly across the handle bar and has a horrible burn on her belly!
What a life!

Anonymous said...

Poor Anna... I will say a prayer for her... Vickie