Thursday, September 13, 2007

Tuesday w/ My Grandma and Papa

Ever since my kids were little, I go and visit my Grandma Norma and Papa Charles (as my kids call them...why they use their first names I don't know) Since the boys started school, my grandparents are going through withdrawal so this past Tuesday, I stole my niece Maggie and we surprised Grandma Norma and Papa Charles. We had so much fun....grandma made breakfast, Maggie had her breakfast and then we just sat in the living room and adored Maggie. The best part?!?!? Once Ali (my sister) goes back to work in October, we get to have Tuesdays with grandparents again! They are really excited and I am too! Isn't she getting big? I took some pics for your viewing pleasure:


Kim said...

NOTHING IN THIS WORLD compares to a good Granny & Grandpa! We've truly been blessed to have some!

Sarah :0) said...

OH how PRECIOUS!!! That 1st picture just makes me want to love all over her. It is a special gift when you can share your kids with their grandparents and better yet yours. Unfortunately I can only share our parents regularly with our girls but I wouldn't trade the relationship they have with them for anything. Great post!

Anita said...

She's a Doll!