Friday, September 7, 2007

We're going to Disney!!

We had always promised Anna we would take her to Disney before she was 9 years old, but it has just never worked out. Jonathan and I decided to plan a surprise birthday trip (arriving 2 days before her 9th birthday) and we really wanted to wait and tell the kids the morning we left. Yeah right.

On Sunday afternoon, Anna was trying on her princess dresses and I asked her if she was upset since I had broken a promise to her about Disney. She said "yeah, kind of" and I proceeded to tell her that we just couldn't afford it. Jonathan spoke up and said, "well, maybe we can" and then I said, "yes, I guess we can since we booked it for your birthday!" She burst into tears which made Jonathan and I both cry. The boys just sat there trying to figure out what in the world was going on. First, she called JuJu and Papa Eddie and was delighted to hear that they are going too! The next phone call was to Mrs. Vickie who knows everything about Disney and loves to help others plan their vacations (thanks Vickie!) I quickly grabbed my camera and snapped this pic of her telling Vickie that we were going.

I can't wait to see their faces when they see the castle at Magic Kingdom!


Alison Bynum said...

oh my goodness!!!
have fun and take LOTS of pictures!

Sarah :0) said...

how many times will that make this year?!?!?! I'm so jealous, I have never been. I know you will have a great time....wish I could have seen her face when you told her!

Anonymous said...

I am so so excited for you all... I can't wait to see all your pics too.. I love helping you plan your trip too! Only a few more weeks away!!! ºoº


Anonymous said...

It IS the most "magical place on Earth"!! And we're going too! Leaving in a few me. I'm dying to know if we'll be there at the same time! This is our 4th or 5th trip....can't remember. And this time of year is the best! Everything you want in Disney, minus the HUGE crowds. You have to take advantage of Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween. They close the MK at 5pm and open it only to those with special tickets. We rode every single ride in the MK within 3're lucky to get 4-6 rides within that time frame otherwise. It was awesome!