Monday, February 25, 2008


Yes, I know I didn't spell it right. There is a reason for that...keep reading.

Tomorrow it will be two weeks since the monster known as the stomach flu (bug, whatever) crept into our home and changed life as we know it. It is time for this little bug to leave....his time at our home has come to an end. To be even more frank, if it doesn't leave soon, mommy is going to the nutty house.

It all started with Luke. Poor Luke. He had it two days. We thought Anna had it as well, although she later admitted (keep reading) that she faked it because she wanted to come home from school. Isaac got it three days later on Friday. At school. Poor janitors. Because of my saintly mother-in-law, I went ahead and left for my scrapbook retreat that I had scheduled months before. I felt bad leaving Isaac when he was sick, but he promised me it was ok as he laid in bed. So I left.

I came home on Sunday afternoon and Tuesday night I started with the mess. By this past Thursday night, I was beginning to feel human again and then Jonathan and Anna both got sick early Friday morning. Their version has been a whole new beast. They have been so sick. SO SICK. Anna even missed school today and Jonathan came home early from work simply because he still felt bad. Aunt Ali and Uncle Josh caught it yesterday and Ali ended up in the ER with it last night (she's OK). Needless to say, we are definitely sick of this little bug.

I had a baby shower tonight to go to but I am not going cause the last thing I need is to get a pregnant mother sick. I don't even think they make flowers for that.

Anyway, ever since Anna was little she has always called diarrhea "diarrhee" so that is what we still call it. Matter of fact, I think everyone in my family calls it that because of her. My wish tonight? That the vomit and diarrhee stay FAR, FAR away from your family but that it finally leaves my family for good!

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Anonymous said...

had to miss the same shower...because of the run bug in our house we are going on day 6 of this nasty bug! I don't have it...I have monno to top it all of!!! When will this sick ness end!!!!!