Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Yes, you read that right. I know today is Valentine's Day but it is also the birthday of 4 very influential women in my life.

76 years ago today one of my best friends was born. My grandma, Norma Jean, is truly one of my best friends. She is so much fun to be around and I try very hard to go and visit she and Papa Charles every Tuesday. She makes the best eggs (over easy) and she drinks a Dr. Pepper every day. She also eats her little cakes every day (little debbie cakes)and her favorite show is Lost (but says she gets frustrated with it b/c they keep added all those dang new characters! how cute is that!)She is a great woman...mother of two boys, grandma to two girls, and great grandma to five. I am blessed to have such a wonderful grandma!

One of my other best friends has a birthday today too! Kim Thomas and I have been friends since 6th grade and boy do we have some amazing memories and great stories! She is a wonderful mother to her two beautiful children and a great wife. She is very patient and level headed...she would have to be, she's married to Chris (jk Chris!) She is really an amazing friend and I can't wait to create more memories in the future!

Laura Horton, another dear friend I have had since forever, has a birthday today too! It's amazing how many times God keeps putting us in each other's paths. We rode the bus together when we were kids. Our husbands worked at the same church right after we were both married. We saw each other again years later when we visited their church in Coopertown and now we are so blessed to call the same church home. Laura is an amazing woman of faith and has been a great person of accountability for me!

Amy Bierman is celebrating a birthday today as well. I heard about Amy before I met her from my friend Kim. She told me that I had to meet her because she was so nice. She was right! Amy is fun to be around and she always makes me feel peaceful when I am around her. She is a prayer warrior and I am blessed to have her in my life.

AND I just found out that another great woman, Rosemary Phillips, had her birthday on Valentine's Day! Rosemary and I met when I was selling Creative Memories years ago. She and her daughter, Lauren, started coming to my crops when their consultant quit. Not only is this woman a great attorney, she is an amazing mother and friend. I have had the privelage of watching Lauren grow into a beautiful young woman and she is what she is today because of the amazing woman her mother is. I just got to spend a great scrapbooking weekend with Rosemary and her sister-in-law, Mrs. Judy, and I loved hanging out with these wonderful women. Happy belated birthday Rosemary!

Ladies, you have ALL made a huge impact on my life. I am a blessed woman to call each of you friends. Hope your day was fantastic!


Alison said...


That post is one of the sweetest ones ever. I especially loved the part about grandma. You should print that off for her, because we all know that she will never see it on a computer. As funny and crazy as she is sometimes, she for sure has been a wonderful gift to our lives.

Very nice words. Thank you for sharing that.

Love you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Brea! We love you back. And to think, I made headlines on Brea's blog! Now everyone knows my name!! Ha!