Thursday, February 14, 2008

Who's Bigger?

Today Kim T. and I got together for her birthday lunch! We were so excited to get to go to a real girl's lunch, even if it meant taking three kids under 3! McKinley was a big help though...

Anyway, if you remember, baby Jack was born Dec. 5 and Mary was born Aug. 7. I think he has already passed her! What do you think?

The birthday girl with McKinley and Jack:

Me holding Mary Elizabeth and Jack:


Anonymous said...

Are y'all at a Cracker Barrel??!! Emma loves eating there, she says it is her favorite place to eat! She is so excited for the one in H'ville to open.

What a sweet post about some very special women we get to call friends!! Love M.E.'s hair and those big brown eyes!!

Anonymous said...

Oops, i meant to comment under the Happy Birthday post, sorry!

Alison said...

For sure Jack. What cuties...I am sure everyone in the at place stopped and just looked at how beautiful both of your children were.

Love you,

Anonymous said...

Ok, Heather. I thought the same thing! Cracker Barrell. The curtains in the background gave it away. Ha!