Monday, February 18, 2008

My "Have You Ever" Answers

Now just because I am answering these doesn't let you guys off the hook. Keep answering, I love reading these!

Has Brea ever....

Lost more than 50 pounds? How did you do it?
Nope, but I swear I am on my way to gaining it. How am I doing it? Well, a little bit of eating crap, sitting on my rump...yep, that about covers it.

Crashed a wedding? Did you get caught?
No on the wedding, but I crashed a class reunion one time. I really did. It's a great story. I might have to do a seperate post on that one as I am laughing sitting here thinking about it.

Had a fight with a co-worker? Did you make up?
Yes, not a "really hitting you" fight, but more of a war of words. I think this has actually happened twice that I can think of. Once was years ago with a guy that also happened to be my sister's boyfriend. He was a real winner (thank GOD you didn't marry him Ali). The other was more recent at my part time job with another real winner. I made up with my sister's boyfriend, didn't with the part time winner. I ended up quitting the part time gig so it didn't matter.

Approached a celebrity in public? Did they punch you?
I don't think I have ever approached a celebrity...I have actually racked my brain about this one. I know I have seen many, but I am not sure if I have went right up and talked to one. Hmmmm. I did almost crash into Keith Urban at Green Hills mall. I was getting out of my car and started walking around it to go into the mall without realizing that at the same time that he was walking behind my car going to his car. He was also holding two cups of coffee from Starbucks. I scared the crap out of him and felt really bad. Sorry Keith!

Spent a large sum of money and hid it from your spouse? Did you come clean?
Yes, sad but true, I have done this before, but it has been long ago. Now we talk about every freaking dime we spend because I am the free spirit and he is the nerd. I did always come clean when I did spend a lot of money, but I didn't like coming clean....I just have a guilty concious.

Been in a beauty pageant? Did you win?
Have you seen my picture at the top of this blog. Come on now. I had lots of friends that were in them, but I was always the faithful friend in the audience yelling out their name. I think I secretly wanted to do it, but I knew better.

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Susan said...

You are hilarious Brea! I love your answers to the first and last questions. :)