Sunday, October 12, 2008

How Big

Last week was fall break for the kids at school and Papa Eddie and Juju decided to take Anna to Washington D.C. for a visit. She had a blast getting to tour the Smithsonian, visiting the White House (including a self guided tour), eating in China Town (yes, she ate sushi), and visiting Kennedy's grave and the tomb of the unknown soldier. They snapped this pic of Anna in front of the White House right before they went in. You aren't allowed to take any type of purse, etc. so all they had was the camera on their cell phone. When they forwarded it to me, I just sat there and stared at it. How is it possible that Anna is that big? It seems like yesterday I could feel her moving around in my belly and now she is 10 years old.

Now, while Anna was riding to Washington D.C. with Papa Eddie and Juju, Gram and Papa Sam got to spend the day with the boys at Camp Boxwell. Again, when she sent me these pics, I am once again reminded at just how big they have gotten. They will turn 7 on November 28. They are the BEST of friends and just love being together. Although they look like they are different sizes, don't be fooled. They are standing on an incline (although Luke will tell you he is taller). To the naked eye, they are identical through and through. To me, they are as different as night and day. Lord, I love my kids.


jeanine said...

I agree. It does just seem like yesterday that they were moving around in your belly! How fast they've grown - and how beautiful. I miss you all.

kbell said...

You have some beautiful kids!!

kristina said...

Hi Brea!
Your kiddos are just so darn cute! Love the photos! Doesn't time fly by way too fast? ;) Hope you have a great Sunday and week ahead!

Anonymous said...

WOW.. can't wait to hear all about Anna's trip!


Anonymous said...

While you are switching your account up to get notifications when you get a comment, :) you should also disable anonymous comments. I do that, so if someone wants to say something they have to leave an email and name. Just a thought. I think you are doing great! And I will hopefully be at your yard sale this weekend!