Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Yet Another FUNdraising Update

My dear friend, Laura H., suggested we put the handy dandy paypal link on our blog that you will see ever so boldly at the top of this blog to the right. We aren't putting it there to beg for money, we are putting it there because we know that some will want to financially help with this adoption. We officially opened our savings account with $100 and will be putting all donations from the paypal and any other fundraising opportunities directly in that account which will not be touched for any purpose other than adoption fees. You probably won't hear me mention that little paypal link again, but I wanted you guys to know why we stuck it there. I also wanted you to know that I WILL update from time to time where we are money wise, as I think this is helpful to others who might be starting the adoption process as well and/or are wanting tips on how to help pay for an adoption. We love each of you and more than money or donations, we covet your prayer in this next chapter in our life! Love, Brea and Jonathan

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Anonymous said...

How do i ask this as simple as possible! We payed for our first
adoption mostly through a loan and are paying it back! It will probably take about 6yrs. or so! We were qualified for two little ones at the time of the first adoption! We would like another our daughter is 8 months old! We said we could come up with $5,000.00 to 8,000 maybe for a second one but were the rest of it would come is a mystry! How does this all work asking for money with a paypal account? What if that second adoption doesn't happen? What do you do pass the money to someone else who is going to adopt? I just dont understand how it all works?
I also dont know if I could do it maybe if I understood the legalities of it all? Maybe you could tell us how it works in your blog?