Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Yard Sale Update

UPDATE: YARD SALE FOR BLOG READERS and everyone you forward this to: Friday, October 17 8am-4pm, advertised to public for Saturday, October 18 7am-? PLEASE don't come before 8am on Friday as I have got to get the kids to school and I want it to be fair for everyone!

For those of you excited about the yard sale, I wanted to wet your appetite with a little update on some of the stuff we will have for sale. PLEASE pass this on to your friends and family and encourage them to come shop. We are hoping to raise enough money to be able to pay for our home study (which is roughly $2K). If we make more, we will be ecstatic...if we make less, we will just plan another yard sale!

Anyway, as of today this is what I know we have to sell next Friday/Saturday. If you want to donate any stuff, please feel free to contact me at cheapbrea@gmail.com. I actually had someone email me and say that they figured we didn't need any more stuff. We need anything and everything we can get (not to sound too needy!) We realize that right now times are tough for everyone and we are so thankful for anything people can donate.

Sizes 0-16

12 (yes, you read that right) racks of Gymboree and Boutique children's clothing. All of it is new with tags and it will be arranged by size and sex. Obviously the smaller the sizes, the more there is. All of this will be $4 each except for Gymbo leggings which will only be $2. BINS of Gymboree and Boutique shoes are $4 each.

at least 2 racks of brand new boutique clothing that will be priced at $10 each. This clothing retailed for around $80-$100 each so that is why the price will be higher on these items!

*Creative Memories
*Kitchen Stuff
*Home Decor
*Used kids clothing and used adult clothing. awesome brands and a huge range of sizes. Most of it will be $1 each
*HDTV Big Screen TV - works perfectly
*Entertainment Center for Big Screen TV - like new
*other furniture
*Dyson vacuum
*American Girl stuff (including some pretty hard to find dolls-these will be kept inside so please ask for these or email for more info)

THANKS for everyone that has been SO generous thus far and thanks for your support! I'll keep you posted!


Laura Kelley www.pitterpatterart.com said...

oh i am so excited. what time will you be opening on friday? yea! laura

kristina said...

Wow! It sounds like you will have a lot of great stuff! Don't forget I have some to contribute! ;) I'm going to add LOTS of cd's and some movies, too! Going to do a final walk-thru of my house today and see what things I don't want or need. I love to simplify plus help you and your family out for such a wonderful thing!! Hugs, Brea! :)

Becca said...

Will you e-mail me your address please...I looked on Craigs List but there are several that sound similar to yours! Thanks!

dreamingBIGdreams said...

wow wish i still lived close.

Anonymous said...

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Good Luck

Brigitte said...

I am anxious to hear how your sale went!