Sunday, December 7, 2008

Aiden: Help Bring Him Home

As you know, I am very passionate about adoption. And, unfortunately, part of adoption is finances.

I mentioned a gal named Tracie on my blog a few weeks ago and several of you asked me later who that was. So I thought I would take a moment to tell you a bit about Mrs. Tracie and what she and her family are up to.

Tracie is a consultant with Christian Adoption Consultants. I have followed her adoption blog for over a year now (give or take) and I find that their approach to helping people find matches in the adoption world is refreshing. Many of you might be wondering what exactly she does? Well, I'll tell you (in the Brea way I can). She is in contact with tons of adoption agencies and when they have a "situation" (AKA baby that they don't have current families wanting to adopt) they let Tracie and her company know. She then works with her clients to help find families for these babies. The thing that is nice about Tracie is that she is up front and honest about what she does. Yes, there is a fee, but it is minimal. If and when we choose a consultant, it will be Tracie.

Anyway, she and her hubby have four wonderful kids. Three bio and one adopted daughter (does this sound familiar?) They have recently answered God's call on their life to accept their newest child for their family: Aiden. Aiden is a cutey patootie that has Downs Syndrome and they, like us, are trying to raise funds to bring this little guy home. Someone has graciously offered to match any donations made into their adoption fund between now and Christmas up to $5K. So, if someone donates $5K, their other person will match that, giving them $10K in their fund. How AMAZING is that? If that doesn't give you a reason to give, I don't know what will. So, even $5 means a lot, because it magically turns into $10. Please consider sponsoring sweet Aiden as one of your Christmas gifts. Does your grandma really need another ugly sweater? NO. But Aiden needs to come home to his family. And trust me, parenting four kids, $10K is a BIG DEAL!

Check out the post HERE and take a look at their wonderful family and then write a check. It will make you get all warm and fuzzy, I promise!

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Tracie said...

You are so sweet to have posted this. Thank you so much!
Give me a call sometime soon. I'd love to share an update with you when you have a few minutes!