Monday, December 1, 2008

Bringing Home The Children Auction

Our next FUNdraiser is December 11, 2008. I am going to post the details below (THANKS Ray for typing this up!). Basically, to give you a quick overview...we are having a LIVE auction. We are busy collecting donations of anything and everything that will be sold at auction that night. We only have three fundraisers left (this being one of them) and are hopeful that we can raise the remainder of our money at these events. Did I mention how THANKFUL we are to all of you that has supported us in this journey!

Here's the scoop:
It is coming around the corner and fast! It will be December 11th before you know it! That is the day for the:

Bringing Home the Children Benefit Auction!

The sale is going to be at The Church at Indian Lake in Hendersonville TN. If you work at a company or know of a place that would be interested in making a donation (gift cards, certificates for service, gift baskets, etc) please let Katie Carman ( or Brea Freeman ( know. They are doing a great job gathering up donations, even though our economy is somewhat interesting.

If you have some nice items you would like to give personally, you can let them know and we will arrange to come get them as well!

Thanks for all your help! This past holiday and the one coming up are great reminders of the fact there are millions of children who will not know the joy of the season till someone opens their home to them! Continue to pray for us and other families who are taking this leap of faith! You guys are great!


P.S. As a little spoiler, here's a few things we have collected so far: HARD TO FIND Bakugan gift basket (the HOT toy this year), Broyhill Computer Armoire, Custom Framed Artwork from Eddie Holland, Maggie Moo's Mom Original, gift certificate for J.D. Harris photography, and so much more!!

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