Saturday, December 20, 2008

who, what, when, where? oh, and how?

These are the questions I think about when I think about our next adoption. I know I haven't talked about it as much this time. It doesn't consume me. My four beautiful kids do.

Here is a little update on us: Brea is dragging her feet. Really, but for no good reason. J's paperwork is complete, my paperwork is about 90% complete, and then we have to get fingerprints and physicals. I think most of our references are already turned in (now that is amazing!). Once we turn in the above mentioned items, the social worker from CC will meet with J and I individually and then she will come to our house and do a home visit. Then, we will be approved and waiting.

I'm not sure why I'm dragging my feet. Maybe because I can't imagine having another baby right now (not yet anyway). Maybe because I want to get my migraines under control first. Honestly, I just keep feeling like God is telling me to wait and enjoy the process. The first time with Mary Elizabeth, we went through the process like a crazy person. We finished our formal packet in four days and I was constantly so stressed about hurrying up and getting approved that I look back at the whole thing as stressful. I want this time to be different and so far it has been.

Back to my initial questions...
I think about whether we will be blessed with a boy or a girl. J seems to think girl. I think about what she/he will look like. Will he/she be premature like Mary or a fat chunk like my other three were? Will he/she be born here in TN or will we travel to another state? How will we raise the rest of the needed funds? Then, I just sit back and smile because I know my God has it ALL under control.


Maris Bush said...

I remember all of these thoughts. Steven and I drug our feet for a LONG time. I had a really hard time with it because it really wasn't my choice to drag our feet. :) For some odd reason I wanted to rush and turn it in but "something" wouldn't let me. Looking back I really believe that God ushered our hearts when and where he wanted us to go. I believe we were just in time for August. It was all about the child that God wanted specifically for our family and it was all about his timing. I know that you know all this! I guess it was just cool for me to learn it and to know that I was never in control. :)He will take care of your heart and lead you. I am praying for your family and can't wait to see your new addition!!

Alison said...

I know I haven't talked about it as much this time. It doesn't consume me. My four beautiful kids do.

I love this comment. You do have four beautiful kids that God has graced you with that we all love dearly.

Love, alie

Eddie, Leslie and Sutton said...

Thank you for saying hello! Mary Elizabeth is a doll! All of your children are beautiful! Amber shared your blog with me a LONG time ago when you guys first brought Mary Elizabeth home,she was so very tiny! I can't believe how big she is now what a blessing!
We live in White House so I would LOVE to get together for a playdate sometime!! Merry Christmas!