Saturday, December 27, 2008

Silver and Gold

Well, it's already December 27th and I haven't even updated the blog with Christmas pictures, details on our festivities, etc. There is a GOOD reason why. I have, and have had, the stomach virus since Christmas mid-morning. I just got back from the doctor who confirmed it was indeed the virus and not food poisoning. I have felt so bad that today is the first time I have turned on my computer since Christmas Eve, I believe. What was just the 12-24 hour bug has turned into a 3-4 day virus and since I am officially half way through, I got a nice shot of phenegran in my bootie and instructions to go back to bed with clear liquids only. So much for post holiday shopping and hitting Crescent furniture. It will all have to wait. Jonathan just left to take the kids (and hopefully NOT the virus) to his parents. I decided to check email (all 153 of them) and do a quick update. Here are a few stories of our Christmas:

1. The other night the boys and I made a last minute pre-Christmas trip to the hateful CVS in Hendersonville. On our way, the boys began telling me how excited they were to open presents. "Aren't you excited too mommy?" they asked. "I am," I replied, "but even more excited about the real meaning of Christmas!" We then began discussing the birth of Jesus which then led into the wise men visiting the baby. "Do you remember what gifts they brought," I asked. At the same time, in perfect pitch they both sang out "Silver and Gold" and then Luke added, "and Purr" Well, there you go. Thank goodness it was dark, as I was dying in the front seat.

2. The boys got a McDonalds kitchen from Santa. They would DIE if they knew I had posted this on the blog, as they are very nervous about their friends finding out they have a play kitchen. Yes, they fear it is a baby toy. But, they love it and even though I was very sick, I went upstairs and placed my first order last night for a cheeseburger, fries and shake. It just so happened that Luke was the cook at that moment. He wanted to know if I wanted his "special" fries. I later found out the "special" fries are fries with cheese and mustard. I'm thinking being a cook is not in his future.

3. Anna announced yesterday she would like to be a nurse when she grows up. Or a rock star. Hmmm. Do you think we watch a little too much Hannah Montana around here?

4. Speak of HM. Anna is now sporting the UGLIEST pair of crocs made. Yes, I know all cros are ugly, but trust me when I say these make the normal, ugly ones look like ruby slippers. She is the proud new owner of purple with black fur Hannah Montana crocs. They come complete with silver guitars on the front and a big label proudly stitched to the front that says HANNAH MONTANA. That way all other children her age will know that Hannah herself designed these hideous things. Anna promises me though that they are warm and super cool. I'm pumped.

5. I had really planned (in my super grand vision scheme of things) to pull down all our Christmas decor today. I'm thinking it might take a while since we decked a bunch of our halls this year. I guess this too will have to wait. Why is it everyone begs me to put all the Christmas decor up but everyone groans when I mention taking it down. I plan to go through all my decor when we do take it down and donate all the crap I haven't used in a few years. There are lights in there that we haven't touched in at least 3 houses and it's time to let that go.

6. Mary Elizabeth is offficially walking. Not just her past two months "I think I can" walking. The girl can now WALK. Granted, you could run a small train through her legs while she is trucking it across the house, but it is adorable all the same. We are so blessed that our tiny little peanut whom we were told at birth would have CP is walking around, talking up a storm, and the perfect bill of health.

Hope all of you had a Merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

Hey Brea!

I hope you feel better soon! Call me next week.. we need to get together for lunch or let the kids play..


Anonymous said...

Brea, I hope you feel better soon! Phenergan is awesome, hopefully it will help you rest and get back to normal. Your stories of the kids cracked me up.

kristina said...

Feel better soon, Brea! Hugs!!

Katie said...

Yeah for ME what a miracle she is, can't wait to see some pictures of her!

Linda said...

I had it too... hit me about 2am Christmas morning....

I stumbled to the couch long enough to take pictures of stockings and then realized I was WAY to far from the bathroom.

Glad you are feeling better!