Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Another Picture Post

I had so many great pics on my camera, I had to post a few more for you guys.

This first picture was the day I went for my physical for this adoption's home study. I thought it was so sweet that Abby held my hand while they drew blood. Abby is Angie V.'s daughter that she adopted from Russia in July of 2008.

This next picture is some of the GOD SENT workers at Encores North. We got together last minute to discuss some changes for the Spring sale back in Jan. We are planning a HUGE get together to say THANK YOU to all the workers post sale (a nice little surprise that these girls helped me to plan) Let's just say it involves food and BUNCO!!! Details to come!

Now, you know you are tired when you beg your mom and dad to make you some popcorn and you can't even stay awake to eat it all. Seriously, when I went into the living room to get the bowl from him, this is how I found Isaac. Hand in bowl, dead asleep. So precious.

I bet you guys didn't know I had triplets did you? I am now introducing you to Camden, my third son :) Luke and "Cam" were in kindergarten together last year and "Cam" and Isaac are in the same class this year. They are on the same basketball team. Our families are going on Spring Break together. These guys are as thick as thieves. I am greatful that God gave us "Cam" for the boys and we just love his entire family! So that's an update on our life the last few weeks. Just think, next week I'll be posting sale pics. Those are always fun!


Heather said...

oh, tears. I miss you and those sweet girls! And, is your fly open in that pic?

Brea said...


I noticed it last night myself...BUT I think it is my fat belly just pushing my zipped zipper out. It's looks yuck though doesn't it!

Heather said...

ha ha!! Girl you are anything but fat!! I was like "that a girl Brea for putting a pic on of you looking hot!!" Girl, you are thin!! Go eat a cheeseburger! Love you! I was just kidding, I could tell that it was totally closed!