Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Kids Clothes Basket

If you've known me for more than....well, a second, you know I love to buy cute clothes for my kids. And not just cute, different stuff. AND I love getting a great deal.

If you've shopped Encores and More North, you know that we always have a whole section of boutique off to one side that belongs to a lady named Julie Montgomery.

Well, for years Julie has had a boutique sale a week before the consignment sale and then puts her leftovers in E&MN. I literally bought 80% of Anna's wardrobe from Julie. She carries some of my favorite brands: Indygo Artwear, ZaZa Couture, Greggy Girl...oh, I get excited just typing this. PLUS, she is known to have the best prices around town.

AND GUESS WHAT? She opened a STORE!! WOO HOO! Her new digs are right smack in the middle of Hendersonville on Main Street next door to Papa Murphy's and across the street from McDonald's. It is the old Waldenbooks location for those that have lived in Hendersonville for a while.

Here's what she just got in that I get to talk about on here (let's just say a Breagirl special). Loads of Zutano (one of my personal faves) for $10 each. Yes, $25 dresses for $10. She also has overalls, coveralls and a few other styles.

Guess what else she also has an AMAZING deal on? Smocking!! She has BEAUTIFUL smocked dresses for Easter/Spring and adorable boys smocked shortalls, etc. The best part? They are ALL $38 each during her grand opening (thru Feb.) If you've ever bought a beautiful Anavini smocked dress, you will know what a great deal $38 is!

And last but not least, if you go into her shop and mention you found out about her on this blog, she is going to enter you for a chance to win a $25 gift certificate for my blog readers only. How cool is that?

SO RUN TO THE KIDS CLOTHES BASKET...Julie has loads of great deals on all the brands I love and a great selection of shoes, hairbows, and other accessories. I'm going to try to go by today so maybe I'll see you there!

P.S. Here's a sneak peek of a few things you can find in the store!

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