Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hacked off

Our consignment sale website was hacked last night. Luckily for us (not so lucky for the hacker), we store all our information in seperate files so they were unable to get anyone's personal information, but they were able to pull everything down on the pages you see on the website. We have frantically been working this morning to get the website back up and to make sure that everything has new passwords so this won't happen again.

It just makes me mad. Why would anyone want to do that to us? What did they hope to gain (beside our mailing list and possibly some inside scoop). I always thought we did a great job with passwords, etc. but obviously I was wrong.

I just feel violated. Oh, and I've love to smack the person/people who did this. We currently have a personal friend of ours going through the steps the hacker made to help us identify who did this and yes, we will take legal action when we find out who it is.

The website is back up...they didn't keep us down for long, but it sure made for an eventful morning around here!


Angie V. said...

Well, it's obviously someone, like all hackers, who has very low self esteem, and just can't function in normal society. It makes them feel important and superior to think they can disturb or destroy someone else's hard work. But, bless their hearts, the rest of us know they are just pathetic losers.

jeanine said...

Sorry to hear that, Brea. I know you'll continue to be a good example to those who obviously need one. xoxo,

Sarah said...

I know this off subject but I LOVE your new picture!! It just melts my heart.

Anonymous said...

Wow that is terrible....Some people just need to get a life

Anonymous said...

Brea! Im sorry to hear this. I dont understand what someone would do that for, really. But glad it wasnt a long time down, you dont need any of that extra stress right now. Im stressed just trying to iron everything and put it on hangers! lol