Sunday, February 15, 2009

Cool Day

Today was a cool day. It didn't start out too cool, I woke up with a yucky migraine. One that made me a little sick at my stomach. Isaac, Luke and M.E. had all spent the night with Grandmother and Papa Sam last night, so J took Anna to church while I slept off the migraine meds.

When he returned, it was time to take our MOUND of paperwork to our accountant, who just so happens to be J's uncle. Uncle Wesley and Aunt Marie live in this cool cat house that overlooks Defeated Creek in a town called Turkey Creek (it's near Carthage). From their living room window, you can look down over the lake and see deer, bald eagles and other amazing animals up close and personal. We got our taxes done and found out we actually got a refund this year because of the adoption tax credit (thank you Bill Clinton!) We spent a nice, sweet visit with the family and then headed back.

On our way home, we stopped for some gut busters (AKA Krystals) and did a drive by on a house we are looking at tomorrow. It's actually bigger than our house now but about $80K cheaper. It's in foreclosure (as are a few others in this particular subdivision) so we are excited to see it. It's funny how we feel like we are following God's will in doing this crazy move and then sure enough, a house gets listed that is right in our price range and yet even bigger than what we have now. God's pretty cool huh?

Speaking of selling the house, we are working on finishing up getting it staged. This includes some major purging. J spent 6 hours yesterday cleaning out his closet. I'm not kidding...SIX hours. I was really proud of him as he got all of our paperwork completely filed and you can now see the entire floor of his closet. He also threw away a complete bag of trash and filled up another bag for the Good Samaritan Center here in Hendersonville. I love purging, especially paperwork and other random crap. I LOVE purging toys. I figure that even if we don't sell the house, it will look great and we will have purged so that's definitely a perk.

So that's our cool day. The kids are out of school tomorrow so I'm sure we will have an eventful day. Have a great week!


Kathy said...

Would you send J to my house to purge & file?!? The piles are getting really scary! I keep putting it off in hopes that the good fairy will magically appear and do it for me.
I'll keep ya'll in my prayers for things to work out regarding the buying and selling of houses.

Heather said...

Andrew wasn't out of school today, what's up with that?!! Texas, they should love the president's, right? Hope you are well!

Anonymous said...

there are some cool houses in Alexandra place:0)