Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Babies

I realized I hadn't updated photos in a while on the blog. Here's my sweet babies on New Years Day. Hard to believe that it is already outdated huh?

Mrs. Alicia, whom God totally put in my path, offered to come over and do her hair. M.E. actually did really well. This was both of them before:

This is M.E.'s new do:

And a view from the front. Keep in mind, we were finally done about 10:30pm. Poor baby was so tired, but oh so cute.

You all will be proud to know that I have now actually done this style twice on my own. Granted it didn't look as good as Alicia's, BUT I'm learning. Grandmother also has a saintly neighbor that has now done M.E.'s hair twice. I love my hair angels! THANK YOU!


Erin Morgan said...

Super cute of the kids!! Do you do M.E's hair or is that Anna's job?? Very cute!!

Anonymous said...

Cute pics! Kids are growing up so fast!


Susan Smith-Alltop said...

Thanks for sharing all the cute pics of your precious children!

Destry said...

ME is getting so big! All of your kids are adorable ( don't tell them I said that, "adorable" is probably not a word they would choose for themselves, lol).

Alicia is great isn't she? I love her! AND, her girls always have he cutest hair, so I know ME'sis in good hands!