Thursday, August 30, 2007

Not much of an update...

It's kind of a blah night....

Since I last typed anything, the consignment sale has ended (it went great!). The adult sale is this week. We never heard anything back from Illinois on the adoption and our social worker submitted our profile for a birthmom in VA that was expecting twins. We found out tonight she didn't pick us.

We still know that God is in total control of the adoption process....and everything else!

We are exhausted and Anna has a raging case of strep throat. Looking forward to Sunday when consignmentmania for 2007 is officially over.

Will update more later...if you have emailed and haven't gotten a response, we are working on getting a new computer and I am at the liberty of Jonathan bringing home a laptop so I will answer you ASAP. THANKS for your prayers!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The 2 Weirdest Things People Brought to the Sale

Again, if you brought the two things listed below, I don't mean to offend. Trust me, we have had a good laugh out of these so thanks for providing entertainment for us over the last 6 days.

THE FLASHING LION. Yes, it is a lion that has a red, beating heart and as he sings "Ladies Night" he strips. PEOPLE, it is a children's consignment sale. The adult sale is next week.

THE BURPING AND PASSING GAS MAN. Yes, press one of his four buttons on the front and he will burp, pass gas, laugh, etc. Never mind that he looks like a 380 pound man with a beverage in one hand and a cigar in his mouth. Again, the ADULT sale is next week.

Can't wait to see what we get for that one.

Things that make you go hmmmm....

If you are a consignor and reading this....let me apologize in advance.

The next time you think it is ok to bring an outfit to consign that has boogers all over the butt seat, think again. We don't have much of a market for that.

Sofa Express and More

Ok, so I bought some new furniture. It is all beautiful, wonderful, good quality, etc. If you need some good, new furniture check out my favorite salesperson at Sofa Express and More in Rivergate (she is a cutie-patootie named Jeannie) and ask for the Brea discount. Yes, she will give it to you.

Jeannie is wonderful...their delivery service is not. It bites too cause I was ready to type on here that it was the perfect transaction from start to finish, but alas...that is not the case.

First delivery of the beautiful, wonderful, good quality furniture left me with a sectional in about 8 pieces in all the wrong places.

Second delivery of the beautiful, wonderful, good quality furniture happened without them even telling me they were coming. Yes, you read that right. They called me from my driveway wanting to know why I wasn't home. BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T TELL ME YOU WERE COMING AND I AM AT WORK WHICH IS WHERE EVERY OTHER NORMAL PERSON IS AT 10:20 AM ON A TUESDAY!!!

Needless to say Ms. Cutie-Patootie and I will be having yet another chat about the delivery boys tomorrow. I'll try not to pull a Ju-Ju.


Yes, we are in full swing.

Yes, I am tired.

Yes, we have sold A TON OF STUFF.

Yes, there is still a ton left.

Yes, you should come buy some of the stuff that is left BECAUSE.....

Yes, I will have to sort the leftovers on Saturday.

I can admit it, I'm a little jealous

You know, I think so many times we try to make ourselves seem perfect but I am here to admit that I am not....not even close. Only by the grace of our SAVIOR am I even able to sit here and admit my faults. I don't put this out there to make anyone feel sorry for me, tell me that these feelings are normal, etc. I put this out there because I want people to know me....the REAL me...not the Pollyanna version that some might think I am.

Tonight I took a minute to look at our adoption website that our agency has. It has profiles of waiting families and a couple that was in our training class has the word placement across their photo. That means that their baby is already home with them. I can admit (although it's hard) that I am a little bit jealous. A whole lot happy and excited but yes, a little bit jealous.

It's funny how the minute you want something it seems that everybody else is getting it easily, but you can't seem to even get close. Now, I know that is NOT THE CASE here but I do know that I am human and it is ok to admit faults.

I started this blog to keep track of our adoption journey so today you can mark it down that I felt jealousy. Am I proud that I felt that? ABSOLUTELY NOT. Have I prayed to God that he will forgive me of that feeling? YES! Did I learn something from it? YEP....that if I am feeling it, that someone else might feel it with me one day and I should learn to be more sympathetic to others in their situations.

I want people to see JESUS in me....not JEALOUSY. I want him to be the focus of my daily walk....not my wants. I want him to give us the responsibility of raising his child in HIS time....not mine. CONGRATS to that amazing couple in our know that God has done this in his timing is totally enough for me. I will NOT question HIS will.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Consignment Sale, Adoption, Kindergarten, OH MY!

I wanted to post to update everyone on the status of the consignment sale. We have gotten in some GREAT stuff and still have two days of drop-off left! It is already full so we are praying that once again, God will stretch those walls. It is amazing how much I have found that prayers have been answered as soon as I lift them up....the other day, I said (out loud), "Lord we really need some more tables!" Within five minutes, people were coming in dropping off tables. PRAISE GOD!

I can't tell you how awesomely smooth this sale has gone. Our workers have been AMAZING!!!! Usually at this point, we have the 9:30 am crew come in to a huge wreck of things we just had to leave the night before. This time, they are coming in with minimal work to until people start dropping off.

Being so busy has kept my mind off the adoption, but it has also slowed me down in that process. Our social worker emailed us on Friday telling us she would let us know as soon as she heard anything from IL and that she needed profiles....I am JUST NOW getting those done.

The boys first day of school was today. They go from 7:30 am until 10 am. They were both very excited and gave each other BIG hugs before they went into seperate rooms. I then went to the cafeteria for a breakfast they were hosting for the K moms. They called it the boo-hoo breakfast. I call it the OH YEAH breakfast. The boys love school....what do I have to be sad about. They get to learn how to handle situations on their own, learn new things that they will take with them the rest of their lives, meet new friends. I think we should feel BLESSED, not sad. Am I misty that they are really old enough to start this new journey, SURE, but am I sad that they have matured into the fine young boys they are....HECK NO!

Last but not least, I had to tell you about the conversation Anna and I had in the car yesterday after her first full day of school. It hit me while we were driving to the sale, I met my friend Jeanine in 4th grade which means we have known each other 21 years. I met my friends Kim, Erin, Christy and Shauna in 6th grade so we have known each other 19 years. Anna is in fourth grade, so the friends she makes now could very likely be friends she could potentially keep the rest of her life. How amazing is that? She thought it was so cool...but she also thought I was REALLY OLD to have been friends with people for that long!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Hi Ho, Hi Ho....

it's off to work I go!

Yes, the consignment sale is officially starting! We were so blessed to have a smooth day yesterday and even got ALL the racks set up last night (trust me, that is amazing!)

We have about 80 people dropping off today! It's hard to believe that people will want to buy sweaters and coats in this weather, but they will!

A Quick Saturday Morning Funny

So my sister sent out an email asking for people to come help get all of our remaining crap out of their house. They started this morning at 7am since it is going to be 100 degrees today. 5 houses before you get to my sister's house, they are having a yard sale. When I left a few minutes ago, my sister had already turned away 3 people who thought she too was having a yard sale. Now, that's funny.

If you have enough crap in your driveway just from cleaning out your house and people stop thinking it is the yard sale of the century.....yep, you might be a redneck. Jeff Foxworthy would be proud!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

More Updates

Everyone has been asking so here you go:

*Kristen Rogers is hopefully home by the time I am posting this. She was able to get her stint and although she is very sore and in pain, I know she is glad to be going home. They did determine that this was probably her SECOND heart attack and will be closely monitoring her.

*No adoption updates. I am going to try to get our profiles updated tonight before consignment mania gets into full swing

*We are in our house, but just barely. We still have a ton of boxes to unpack and although it is now clean, it is not even at the beginning stages of being organized. We stayed at Ali and Josh's house last night so I am looking forward to just collapsing in my own bed tonight. I have given up on it being organized until after the sale.

*Consignment mania starts tomorrow! Yes, you read that right, TOMORROW! We set up racks and drop-off begins Saturday at 11 am. WOW, I can't believe it is already time. A BIG THANKS to Julie Montgomery for all of her help during this sale...I truly don't know what I would have done without her.

*I think I have decided on a new girl's name...but I'm not going to tell for a while. Jonathan and I are just praying about it and we will see if we decide on that one or not.

Isaac's First Stitch

Well, I knew it would come eventually but I didn't think it would be today. While cleaning the toy room, Isaac decided he had enough time for a quick bounce on Anna's daybed. As he hit the floor, he bit through his lip. Yes, you read that right...not a little scratch....tooth went through the lip. Let me tell you that a little bitty tooth going through the lip causes a TON OF BLOOD. He did really a stitch on the outside (they said the inside would heal quickly) and even handled the blood all over his favorite Boston shirt pretty well (already got it out, so it is safe) CONGRATS ISAAC! You just got your first scar!

Home & Bored

Yes, Josh has officially been home 24 hours and is bored to death! He is very sore from the surgery and has pretty much been resting and just lounging around. Comcast finally came today and hooked up their cable so hopefully he will have something else to free him from boredom. Jonathan and I and all the kids stayed at their house last night "just in case" and Maggie had her best night yet. Ali had to wake her up to eat and then she slept for 7 hours. How blessed is she?

Josh has restricted movement in his left arm for the next 3 weeks. No reaching about his head, etc. simply because the leads are attached to his heart and they don't want one to come un-attached. He also goes to Vanderbilt on Tuesday for a second opinion which the doctors at Centennial actually SUGGESTED! Can you believe that? I think it is awesome that a group of doctors would be so confident in their care that they would suggest that the patient get another opinion just to see. Evidently, Josh's case is so rare that he seems to puzzle everyone. I'll keep you posted on what they find out.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Josh is coming home!

Can you tell I am excited? Josh is being released from Centennial today and will be home to sleep in his own bed tonight. The surgery went great yesterday (they did put the de-fib in) and although his is in some pain, nothing feels as good as being home in your own bed. Jonathan and I will be staying with them tonight so I will add more in the morning! PRAISE GOD!

Monday, August 6, 2007

More Updates

This is going to be short and sweet:

*no updates on the adoption, we will post as soon as we hear anything

*consignment sale drop-off starts this Saturday!!!!! I can't believe it is already here! THANKS to Julie Montgomery for ALL of your help with this!

*Anna is at church camp until Wednesday. I think she was glad to get away from the funny farm here and relax with Jesus and her buddies for a few days.

*my migraine headache is not going to thinks it is, but it's not. I am going to bed now to try and kick this thing....pray this sucker is GONE by Friday!

*PRAY for Kristen Rogers (I don't know if I spelled her name right) Her husband Chad and I grew up together (her in-laws are Patti and Ronnie Rogers-my mom and dad's best friends). She had a heart attack Saturday night and had a stint put in this morning at Skyline hospital. Pray for this young family!

Josh Update

8/6/07 5:14 PM

Wanted to give everyone a Monday afternoon update on Josh. I have been fighting with a migraine headache that is determined to win...hence, my delay in getting something on here earlier.

Josh is doing well...has had some pain the last few days from the biopsy but seems to get better every day. He was able to get up and get a quick shower this morning and has had a ton of doctors in today. Right now, Dr. Watterson is leaning towards something called Cardiac Sarcoidosis. They have ruled out Lupus and several other auto immune issues, so I will keep you posted on this.

As of right now, they are planning on putting in the internal defib tomorrow. We are hopeful he will get to come home on Wednesday although we definitely want to be sure he is ready to come home first. Josh is definitely getting antsy and wanting to be at home in his own bed.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Josh and Adoption Update

8/3 8:39 PM

Ok, first I am pooped so if I make some typos in this email, forgive me.

Josh is doing well. Had the artiogram at Hendersonville Hospital yesterday. Dr. said his heart looked great and very strong and did not appear to be large (we had been told several times that his heart was larger than normal)

Not long after the procedure, Sumner County EMS showed up and transported Josh to Centennial Hospital. He was loopy from his procedure but my dad got to ride with him down there and from what I hear, they are now big buddies with the EMS crew. Boy, would I have loved to be a fly on the wall in that ambulance.

The level of care for Josh as soon as he arrived was AMAZING compared to Hendersonville....honestly, I felt like it would be but WOW! The doctors came in this morning and basically said NO INTERNAL DEFIBULATOR TODAY because they wanted to make absolute sure he needed it before putting it in. Dr. Bailey felt that they should put as much importance on finding the cause of the cardiac arrest instead of just slapping in the defibulator. He had an echocardiogram this morning (to be honest, I am assuming this looked fine as I never heard the report on this) and then they ended up doing a biopsy on the tissue surrounding his heart (I think this is right). Evidently, everyone has about a 1" area that they can go in to do biopsies, etc. without having to actually open you up. The doctor found the fluid around his heart to be low (which is has been high) and that he did in fact have the periocarditis. The biopsy showed that this was caused by a viral infection, not bacterial. They put in a drain for any excess fluid and told him he will be uncomfortable for a few days (OUCH!). Based on the findings thus far, there is talk of going ahead and putting in the internal de-fib on Monday but as you can see, things change on a moment's notice so I will keep you posted.

Justin (Josh's brother) and his wife, Lori, and best friend Ryan headed home today and from what I have seen and heard, they did an amazing job getting Josh and Ali's house unpacked and cleaned up. Josh's parents arrived back down here again today. Jerry (Josh's dad) will be staying at Centennial tonight with Josh and Pam will be staying at home with Alison and Maggie. Maggie is still the BEST baby, but having more issues at night sleeping. She is not going to bed until about 1 am but sleeping 6-6.5 hours once she finally goes down. She went back to the doctor on Thursday and had gained 4 ounces in 2 days!!

Keep on praying...God is GOOD and again, I want Josh to see how much the Lord loves him. I can't begin to thank everyone for their love and support....special thanks to Jason Smith for taking off Ali and Josh's trash and delivering a piece of furniture, Beckie and Jason Kabler to dinner last night, Kim and Chris Thomas for keeping Anna all day today and tonight, and ALL THE PRAYERS! We feel them...the fact that we are all staying healthy and rested is amazing!

We DID send in our profile but it's very different this time. I am completely at peace and find that I barely think about it. Probably because I have plenty to think about, but I just KNOW God is in control so nothing to worry about! We did set up the nursery tonight and I LOVE IT! We hung up clothes in the closet, assembled the crib, and put baby stuff in the changing table. Jonathan, Isaac, Luke and I had so much fun and made some great memories. I can't wait to see Anna's face when she gets home tomorrow and sees it!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Adoption Update

I feel incredibly selfish asking prayer from anyone else, but our social worker called today asking us to pray about a situation that has become available.

All we know is that the baby is due the end of September (although they will probably take the baby early), in IL. There are some things Jonathan and I need to decide about tonight (things we said we would consider) but we will be letting our social worker know tomorrow whether or not we want the birthmother to view our profile as one of her choices. I'll keep you posted on this as well.

Josh Update

8/1/07 9:11 pm

THANKS KIM for the last update....

Josh is resting with my dad at his side again tonight. Alison/Maggie have gone home with JuJu and we have just arrived at our new house to start to unpack boxes. The kids are being so GOOD, Anna even slept in her new room in the basement last night!!! She is getting so big!

Wanted to give some more thanks to all the people who have called/come by/prayed. THANKS to Brenda Head for bringing lunch today and to Patti & Ronnie Rogers and Danny & LJ Stults for bringing YUMMY Panera for dinner tonight.

Josh's brother, Justin, and his wife, Lori, and 4 month old daughter Sophie arrived today from Indiana. Ryan (Josh's childhood best friend) also came down with them. They will be staying at Josh and Ali's house until they leave (either tomorrow or Friday) Josh was very excited to see them. Josh's parents went home last night so I am sure that he was glad to have some more family come in (although he doesn't remember seeing his parents the last two days). The short term memory is still a challenge for him, but he is getting better day by day.

Josh was finally told today what actually happened to him. The cardiologist felt it was time to tell him simply because Josh was really wanting to go home and wanting to know why that wasn't possible. Josh actually took it surprisingly of the first questions he asked was who performed CPR! He understands the best he can what the procedures will consist of the next two days and the only time he seemed apprehensive today was when the cardiologist told him that worst case, he would be out of work for 2 months. Josh LOVES his job and works for a small computer programming company so I think he was worried about what they would do without him, but we all assured him that his boss will be fine (he is a wonderful man) and that work was the LAST THING he needed to worry with.

GOD IS GOOD, keep praying....and I will post more about what the procedure tomorrow evening.

Josh Update

(This is Brea's friend, Kim - just got off the phone with an update and this was best way to get out to everyone.)

Tomorrow Josh will have an Arteriorgram to check for blockage in his heart, they are 99% sure they won't find any however this is a must for the Defibrillator they want to put in on Friday. Four hours after this test tomorrow, he will be moved by ambulance to Centennial where the d-fib will be put in on Friday. If all goes well, he MAY be released to go home on Saturday.

They of course will continue to seek the cause of all this with several theories bouncing around at this point. But the d-fib being in him will prevent it from happening again as it will shock him if ever his heart stops again.

Josh is resting well, beginning to remember more & more, and has been able to see Maggie. There is plenty of food coming. And Ali is getting decent rest and staying between Brea's & JuJu's house. Also nursing is going much better!

Continue your prayers, they are very appreciated.

Josh Update

8/1/07 10:28 am

Sorry for the delay in another update. Our forgot that in a move you have to move your computer and comcast has their own schedule....although the man they sent was wonderful.

Josh was moved to a regular room yesterday afternoon. THANKS to my best friend Kim Thomas for lunch and Susan Harris for dinner last night at the hospital. The fact that they don't have to leave to eat means so much.

I brought Alison home last night about 7pm as she is mentally just zapped (as you can imagine) She got a decent nights sleep and is at home right now getting cleaned up and geared up for the day ahead.

As soon as I get her to the hospital, she plans to call the heart doctor at Centennial to get his recommendations for Josh. I feel pretty confident he will be moved unless everyone that says they are coming magically appear at Hendersonville and the level of care go way up. Brea's opinion: I feel that now that he is stable they just don't seem to feel this is as critical as it was (which is true is some degree) but WE NEED TO FIND OUT WHAT CAUSED THIS. Seizures and cardiac arrest don't typically happen for no reason.

Josh is doing great...he is still cycling to some degree (tells you his tongue is numb about 4 billion times...he bit it (we think during the seizure) and therefore, it is swollen up pretty good. That is to be expected as his brain is probably overwhelmed and underrested. We have determined the last thing he remembers is last Friday (the day before they came home with Maggie). Right now he does not know how critical he was simply b/c he would worry himself to death about it. He cried for an hour yesterday b/c he couldn't understand why he didn't remember Maggie being at home (we put the picture in his room of Maggie on the ottoman) He had a bath this morning so I am sure he is feeling much better. Someone is staying with him around the clock until we figure out where he is going simply because at this point, they are only checking vitals every 4 hours and we just don't feel comfortable leaving him alone. My dad spent the night last night.

I will post more later. GOD IS GOOD. Keep praying!