Thursday, August 28, 2008

Yet Another September's Restaurant Post

Ok, I have so much to catch up on with this blog, but I had to take a break to tell you that you must check out the action that my old September's Restaurants posts are getting. Interesting stuff.

It also reminded me that I have eaten there three more times since my review and yet, I have never done any follow up reviews.

The first time post review Jonathan and I went with some friends, Angie and Robert V. We were so excited to have a date night complete with dinner and a movie. The dinner itself was fabulous until the very end and when it was time for our check, our server literally disappeared. Did he take a break? Did he travel to a foreign country? Not sure, but he was seriously gone for 30 minutes, causing us to not only miss our movie, but when I asked for Kirk or September once he returned, he told me they were busy and that was the end of that.

The second time post review we went for a quick burger and things went well.

The last time was again before a movie on a week night. This time we told the waitress we were in a hurry before we even ordered (even though we were there for over 2 hours in situation 1) and she delivered. She got everything out to us with plenty of time to spare for the movie. The only downfalls this time they brought me the wrong drink and the mac and cheese was so unbelievably hot that we still couldn't eat it even as we were ready to leave.

Here's my take on September's. I think it is a great spot but just from the last three times I have been there, their staff definitely needs to be more educated on handling requests from patrons AND what is on their menu. Several times I would ask a question which was met with a blank stare. AND Pinot Grigio is not a red's a white wine, trust me.

Will I go back? Absolutely! But the next time I ask to speak with management, they had better find someone versus giving me "they are busy" excuse. Management should never be too busy to speak with a customer and I believe that the waiter never even checked as I feel pretty confident that Kirk or September would have gladly come over and chatted.

So, what has your recent trips been like?

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Monday, August 18, 2008


I hate to do a second post with a similiar title, but there just aren't too many words that come sum up how I feel better than that. I am really exhausted. I miss my kids. I miss the "normalcy" of my life, however abnormal it may seem to some. I miss sleeping in. I miss being able to chat on the phone with friends for a few minutes. I miss having a true quiet time with God instead of walking to a corner and silently crying out for him. I miss being able to just chat with my hubby instead of us being so exhausted there just aren't words. Yet, I feel blessed.

I know we helped so many with the consignment sale. Even though it was far from the best one and there were many faults, I truly think we did the best we could with what we had to work with. Although our space our big, our load of stuff was mighty. We had close to 700 consignors and I am convinced that most of them brought almost everything kid related they have ever owned. I am not complaining, it was just a ton of stuff. It filled up quick and although we sold around 35,000 items (maybe more-I forgot to look at the sheet), it never really seemed to empty out. Makes you wonder just how much stuff we actually had in there. It was a tight squeeze on worker night, consignor night, first day to the public, stayed tight the whole time, but I think overall it was still a success. The consignors made more than they ever have. I was shocked at the amounts on some of the checks. It was amazing.

I think overall the economy affected us in a positive way. People want to save money and we helped to fill that need. People were able to get things they needed for their children for a fraction of the price.

Our boutique sale starts tomorrow at 10am. We will have loads of new boutique clothing and accessories this week and is definitely worth the trip. We are open Tuesday-Friday from 10-6 and Saturday from 9-2. Thursday everything is an additional 25% off, Friday it is an additional 40% off and Saturday it is an additional 50% off. If you love boutique items, it is definitely worth coming down and taking a look!

Sorry this is so long and rambled, just my thoughts for the morning. Hope everyone enjoyed our fall sale. Now we set our sights on starting to plan for Spring 2009!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Ramblings of a tired, overworked woman

If this post seems long and confusing, well, it probably will be. I am exhausted. I also have a migraine. The first I have had in a while mind you, but it still exists all the same. Since I haven't updated the blog in a while, I thought I should take a few to let you know that yes, I am alive and well, just tired as the consignment sale is officially in full swing.

1. The sale is going well. There is/was entirely too much stuff packed into too small of a space and I did the big ugly cry at 5pm on Thursday when it was time for the workers to shop. I had just hoped all week that with all of our hard work we could get it ready, but that was an impossible task. Despite all that, we are on track to have the most successful sale EVER and I can't believe the response we have had. Did I mention that it is still FULL with awesome items? If you haven't come shopped and are thinking that you have waited too long, you would be wrong. PLUS, we have restock days tomorrow-Wednesday so we will have a whole new slew of cool items coming in. You really should come shop. There is some amazing stuff there.

2. For whoever left me a ton of coupons in my mailbox, thanks. We will use them and it was really cool that you thought of me and stuck them in there. I will admit that it creeps me out a bit that some random person just put stuff in my mailbox, but hey, it's a cool gift and I am thankful.

3. Mary Elizabeth turned 1 last Thursday, August 7th. This was also the same day I had the big, ugly cry at 5pm. We took her to the Veranda in Hendersonville for lunch and she had her first hot dog and Dreamsicle cake. She loved them both and looked so adorable in her birthday girl shirt and pink tutu. I can't believe my baby is 1. We are planning her bumble bee themed birthday party for Saturday, August 30th and plan to have a BIG BASH so "bee" watching your mailbox for an invitation. We want to have an adoption finalization and birthday celebration all in one and we want to celebrate with all of you.

4. Jonathan had a wreck last Saturday. He called it a "minor incident" when he called to tell me, but trust me, it was a wreck. He and the kids were in the van, Leoma, and it hit a light pole which fell across Rivergate Parkway and onto another van. Luckily no one was hurt. God totally hand his hand on our family. Leoma, our van, was fine. The other van wasn't so lucky.

5. I officially added something to my list of things I thought I would never do before I died yesterday. I cleaned up an old woman's poo in the bathroom. It's a long story, but a lady had an "explosive accident" in her pants in the bathroom at the sale and I was the lucky winner that walked in right as it happened. Chrystal and I tied toilet paper around our faces to somewhat keep out the smell as we tried to clean and yes, I did do the ugly dry heave while cleaning it, but we made it through. These are things that people don't tell you when you run your own business.

6. We have had the BEST workers ever at this consignment sale. I seriously don't know how we would do it without them. I love this sale for that very reason....getting to know these wonderful women (and men) is a highlight for me and laughing til we almost wet ourselves isn't so bad either. I got to hang out with my buddy Sarah Pratt whom I went to high school with on Friday night and I once again realized how much I love this woman. She is HYSTERICAL and so much fun. I just love that I have been able to reconnect with so many awesome people!

7. The kids all start school tomorrow and we felt so blessed that we got all three teachers that we prayed we would get. Not only do I feel lucky, but what an awesome answer to prayer that my children get to see first hand. Anna got Mrs. Riley, Isaac got Mrs. McCrary and Luke got Mrs. Brown. They all three seem like amazing women and I look forward to helping in the classrooms this year.

I'll try to update more this week. Come shop and say hello and say a prayer for all of us.