Tuesday, January 22, 2008

8 Things About My Kids

I got tagged by Sarah Andrews. Can I just say how excited I was!?!?! I always wanted to get tagged but emailing someone and asking them to tag you, well that isn't really how it works. Anyway, I am supposed to blog and tell all my faithful readers 8 things about my kiddos and then tag 8 more people. I'll have to think about who to tag, but until then...here we go:

8 Things About Anna, Isaac, Luke and Mary Elizabeth:

1. Anna loves to read. She is currently reading the last Harry Potter (keep in mind her beloved mother hasn't read a single one of these, but daddy did to make sure they were ok for her to read) and plans to start the Nancy Drew series next. I loved to read growing up (and still do!) so this makes me proud!

2. Isaac loves to help me around the house, especially with cooking. He is a great little cleaner and loves when I tell him that he is my little helper. He even knows how to empty the Dyson, which is no easy feat!

3. Luke has a wart on the end of his nose that is getting ready to come off. We have been to the doctor several times for this and they finally put him on a high dose of Tagament that he takes every night for several months. The funny thing is that I was part of the experimental study for this at Vanderbilt in 1996 because I had some funky warts around my fingernails I couldn't get rid of. How weird that the experimental study is now something they are using on my son!

4. Mary Elizabeth probably has reflux. They won't treat it because she continues to gain weight, but the kid can projectile vomit like none other. She is so funny though...she can get so sick and then look at you and give you a killer smile!

5. Anna loves to perform. Last year she sang at Beech Elementary's Talent show and did an amazing job. She sang "Happy Girl" by Martina McBride and is already planning on a new performance for this year. She is a great singer and I am so proud!

6. Isaac is already reading like a champ in kindergarten. I love to hear him read to me and after he reads a line, he will laugh out loud at a funny sentence. He's so adorable!

7. I think Luke has decided his job in life is to give love to every stuffed animal known to man. His best friend (besides Isaac) is his stuffed bear Johnny. He immediately falls in love with anything that is given to him including a rock a buddy gave him at school today. Tonight before bed he wanted to know where Johnny and Rocky were. He is so sweet and loving!

8. Mary Elizabeth is a momma's girl! I finally got one! Don't get me wrong, all my children love me...but I can truly do no wrong in M.E.'s eyes. Every time she hears my voice she lights up and I can't lie...I love it. She is so sweet and loves to snuggle on my chest. She is the apple of my eye and I am so blessed to be her mom.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Monday Happenings

Yes, it is a Monday. I can tell you this because these are the things currently happening at our home:

1. The pipe that brings the condensation from the upper furnace (the piece that heats our upstairs) froze going outside causing water to back up in the pipe causing the pipe to leak. This leak caused a ceiling tile in our basement to break spilling yucky water all over the floor. Keep in mind this is the second time this has happened in the last couple of months. Last time it was the pipe for the downstairs furnace. Boy would I love to get a hold of the sub-contractors that put this system in.

2. Mary Elizabeth is still sick. Better, but still sick. Did I mention that she is a little high maintenance when she is sick? Make that a lot of high maintenance. I get it...she feels bad and only wants to be held, but I haven't had a shower in...well, a while...and I am tired.

3. I just spent 5 days working on a letter of intent for a lease agreement for the consignment sale. Now I have written a few letter of intents in my time, but this one was different. It was tough and it stressed me out. Especially not knowing if it will be enough to get a space for this sale. Pray hard as the leasing agent presents it to the landlord in the next few hours.

4. I've decided my feet are officially frozen. They can't get warm. I have on wool socks and houseshoes (trust me, I am not looking good today. Take this moment to thank God for no webcams at my home) I am considering going upstairs and putting them on a heating pad but worried that this might be overkill.

5. My hairdryer is currently stuck in the wall trying to unfreeze the pipe. I'm not kidding. See the proof below.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Josh Update

I realized after Diane's comment on my last post (thanks for reading my WHOLE blog by the way...I am super impressed), that I haven't updated everyone on Josh's health in a LONG time.

Josh is doing great. He is back to work full time. His heart is doing great and he has not set off the defibulator (spell?) thank goodness! We do not need any more drama from you mister! The doctors are very impressed with his progress and are slowly weaning him off his meds which I know he is very thankful for!

He is the one that takes many of the fab pictures of Mary Elizabeth on this site (along with Alison Bynum) and has recently really started getting more and more into photography. He recently did his first "official" photo shoot which you can check out on my sister's blog here.

So in conclusion, Josh is doing great and here's a great pic of him I stole from my sister's blog:

Friday, January 18, 2008

Follow Me Tees

Gotta check out this new site! LOVE these shirts and love their mission:

Follow Me Tees is a place where the purpose is simple, and the message the same. Our desire is to make shirts with simple phrases and pictures that will open up doors for conversation with folks around you. We do not expect our shirts to give the entire message, but rather be a tool for opening some doors so you can share your story. Some will be plain statements, others will be more "amphibious", allowing you, the shirt bearer, to reach anyone around you. We hope that through offering you these simple shirts, with simple slogans, you will be able to touch your world as Jesus touched his!

Mary Elizabeth is sick :(

We both had doctor's appointments this morning. I had my neurologist appt at 8:30 am. No big update there, but they are changing ALL of my meds to try a new preventative.

Then it was on to Mary Elizabeth's wonderful doctor, Dr. Keith Thompson. She has got bronchiolitis (spell???). No meds, just have to watch her very closely the next few days. She is wheezing just a tad. This could potentially lead to RSV so we are praying that she will take a turn for the better and SOON!

I'll keep you posted!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hitting the WORD...

Mary Elizabeth is coming down with a cold (we pray it is just a cold) which has caused some her to have some congestion. The congestion has caused her to gag at various times which has caused her to bring up most of her formula the last 24 hours. This has led to us being cooped up indoors and lots of changes of clothing and lots of baths!

In light of my struggle in finding a space for the consignment sale, I was reminded again this week how God has answers for everything in the bible. I have really enjoyed spending the time being cooped up not only in my pjs, but also in HIS word. I started in Revelations because of a conversation my grandparents and I had earlier this week. This is what struck me that I don't think I have ever really realized before:

The bible really isn't that hard to understand.

For years I had convinced myself that the reason I didn't spend more time reading the bible was because even if I did, I wouldn't really understand it. This changed two years ago when we had our women's accountability group at my home and I fell in love with the bible and figured out that this book REALLY applied to me. I have gone through periods in the past two years where I have read it like crazy and then not touched it for days, but I have found that I always come back to it because it is like the itch you can't scratch. I just have to get back to it.

Even in Revelation, which is probably one of the craziest, hard to understand books in the bible, it still pretty much makes sense to me. The end times are coming...they are. We need to get ready. One way to get ready is to get in the bible.

So that's my blog for tonight....God's word and a little bit of vomit. Good times at our house!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Thought for the day...

Why am I so inconsistent at being consistent?

Monday, January 14, 2008

Things that make me ill...

Yes, it's Monday. Yes, I might be PMSing (sorry guys). These are a few random thoughts that I thought I would share on a Monday when I am PMSing. These are things that make me ill.

1. When it is trash day and you are supposed to put your trash cans at the end of your driveway, why do people put them IN THE ROAD? behind my driveway? where I almost hit them?

2. Why do politicians wear short sleeved campaign t-shirts over long sleeved button down oxfords? (yes, I stole this from Chris' blog...sue me!) It's not attractive and I'm not sure who started this trend, but it really should be stopped.

3. Why is it that my phone can not ring all day long until the exact moment I get Mary Elizabeth down for a nap and I have just nodded off as well?

Sorry for my rant...tomorrow's another day!

I forgot to post this....

it's from Thanksgiving Day. Good stuff huh? Thanks Josh :)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Space Dance

As you are reading this, I want you to think of Indians doing a dance for rain. It is DRY and the ground is CRACKED and they need RAIN BAD.

That is how I feel about a space for the consignment sale! I am obviously not doing the right dance as I still haven't found one, but if someone knows the right dance to do, please let me know as I will dance a jig if that's what it takes.

For those that are new to the blog, I run a children's consignment sale twice a year for two weeks. It is really big and we have now grown to the point that we rent around 10,000 sq. feet for the two weeks that we have the sale. The last 5 sales we have been fortunate enough to have the same space but they just leased it so we are back to finding a new space again. You would think this would be easy with the amount of open space in our area, but many landlords HATE doing short term leases even though we have thousands of dollars to spend.

So, it is crunchtime...we have a lot of options that each cost a lot of money. A LOT OF MONEY. We are praying for the right space at the right price to reveal itself but when you are pushed against a deadline, sometimes it is hard to see those signs reveal themselves. Please pray for clarity of our minds, peace of mind as we spend A LOT of money on this space (whereever it might be) and the desire in the landlords hearts to be merciful and let us rent!! I am just really struggling because I really wish that the money we will have to spend could go to a church or school that could really use it and yet, it is very hard to find one of those organizations that will let us rent for two weeks.

Last but not least, if you are reading this and know of a commercial leasing agent that might be willing to work with us in the Rivergate/Goodlettsville/Hendersonville, TN area please leave a comment. Word of mouth never hurt anyone right?

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

5 Months

Mary Elizabeth,

I can't believe that you are already five months old. You are really starting to act like a "real" baby...smiling all the time, trying so hard to talk to us, so proud of yourself when you stand up! I took you to the doctor on Monday and you were 9 lbs, 3 oz. You are getting so big and yet everywhere we go, people comment on how dainty you are. Everyone also tells me how beautiful you are! When you smile, it absolutely melts my heart! You have the prettiest eyelashes...they are very long and curl up beautifully. I wish so much that I could meet your mother and sisters as I would love to see if you look like them, but I keep praying that God will give them the desire to want to see us. If you look like you mother, she must be a beautiful woman.

Tuesday morning I wanted to take a quick bath, so I put you in your bouncy seat and decided to see what you would do if I turned on the TV to Sesame Street. I figured you would fuss, but you loved it. You kicked your feet and cooed at the TV, especially when Elmo came on. This was the look you gave me when I blocked your view to snap a pic:

I stepped back and grabbed this picture of you from behind kicking your feet to Elmo! You are such a beautiful little girl and I love that God has given me the blessing of being your mommy!

Loving on Mary Elizabeth

I love these shots of the boys with their little sister. Mary Elizabeth has just started "talking" and the boys love making her smile!
Luke talking to her:

Isaac holding her:

Mary Elizabeth when they were done:

Favorite Christmas Gift

Although I got a ton of awesome gifts for Christmas...this was my favorite. THANKS to my sister Alison...they are beautiful and yes, you need to sell them at the next consignment sale :) Love you...

Digging For Gold

Isaac and Luke got treasure hunting kits from Santa. I busted out laughing when they suited up in their "gear" AKA big black glasses that are supposed to protect them from what? flying sand? They had a big time and it kept them busy for hours!


Monday, January 7, 2008

MRA Results

Yes, I just got them. Yes, I only just got them because I drove to the doctor's office and stood at the receptionist's desk until someone went to the back and found them. That's what they get for not returning a phone call for 6 days. Never mind that they didn't call me back, they also didn't call my family doctor back either. UGH.

They are normal! We think. They want to meet with me next Friday to go over a course of treatment. Oh, and did I mention that they forgot to put contrast in me for the test...yes, that's right. (By the way, contrast is a dye so they can see things clearer for those that don't know) I even told them when I went in for the test in the tractor trailer in the back of the parking lot that the doctor wanted me to have contrast, but they said that since he hadn't ordered it, they wouldn't put it in me. I am now waiting to find out if that is the reason the test looked normal OR if they needed the contrast to really see. I guess we'll find out.

Since they work at the speed of light, I'll give you another report in a week or two when I know something.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Wife, Mom, Business Owner, Car Dealer...

Yes, I added another title to my name today. You should file this under your "only Brea" category.

Mike Cady called last night to tell us he had a Honda Odyssey he wanted us to take a look at today. We went ahead and listed the Suburban on Craigslist and made plans to head to Dixie Motors around lunch today. When we woke up this morning, Jonathan already had a message on his cell phone from a lady interested in Sheila the Suburban. He called her back to let her know we should be home this afternoon if she wanted to take her for a spin. We headed to Dixie to test drive the Odyssey and while driving it, the lady called wanting to know if now was a good time to come see the Suburban. Jonathan explained that our car was currently at Dixie while we were driving the van (Mike had other customers so we were actually at Shoney's having lunch while doing the test drive) but for her to call us when she got closer and we would be happy to meet her so she could see it. We didn't feel comfortable with her coming to a car dealership to see our car that we had for sale on craigslist. We headed back to Dixie and as we walked in, Jonathan's phone rang. It was the lady telling us that they were here! I was mortified. Mike was great and said he didn't care, so Jonathan went out back like he worked there and let them test drive ole Sheila. They took her for a spin and told us they wanted to buy her. So, yes, my friends, we sold our car on craigslist at Dixie Motors. Yes, my friends, my next post will be that it is time to name our new car......

She/He will be joining our family on Wednesday. Poor Odyssey doesn't know what it's in for.

Friday, January 4, 2008

The Great Vehicle Debate

You know, I wish we lived in a society and a climate where we could all ride bikes. It would be so much easier. But, alas, with four kids and constantly hauling all their crap, that can't be. For those of you that have followed this blog, you will remember the passing of Betsy the Beasy (our Yukon XL) in July and the addition of Sheila the Suburban at the same time. Since then, I have been fighting the good fight with whether or not to trade down to a mini-van. Don't get me wrong. I love being the queen of the road in my mighty Sheila...I'm large and in charge when I am driving her! Matter of fact, I feel quite inadequate those rare times that I drive Jonathan's Accord. I forget how low normal cars actually sit to the ground. BUT I am sick of paying $90+ to fill up the tank. I am sick of my children thinking it is quite all right to step onto the second seat to climb over to the third row. I actually long for doors that magically open with the push of a button. AND YET, at the end of the day...it's a car and I hate the thought of sinking even more money into something that rapidly drops like a rock in value.

Speaking of which, we bought ole Sheila in July and actually got what I thought was a decent deal. We took it to Carmax tonight just to see what they would give us so we would know a worst case (we are trying to look at all of our options) in case we decide to sell her and buy the mini-van. Can you believe their offer was HALF OF WHAT WE PAID less than 6 months ago??!?!?!?! I looked up trade-in value on KBB and their offer was half of what they say. What is the freaking deal? Is no one buying Suburbans because of gas prices? Or are they just hoping we are SUCKERS?

Ok, sorry for my rant...I'll keep you posted on what we decide. We might just have to have a naming contest for a new van soon :)

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Top 3

So instead of doing my new year's resolutions, I thought this might be something new and fun to do (and I might add, I came up with this all by myself). All I ask is that if you read this and get inspired, post the same list about yourself on your blog as well. We can learn a little bit more about ourselves and hey, maybe even help each other out a bit. ENJOY!

Top 3 Things I Am Pretty Good At:

1. Getting a Good Deal
I am a bargain shopper...I kind of feel like it is my job since it is one of the ways I can contribute to our family's income. Since I am not technically bringing in income 10 months out of the year, I view saving some of the money we have coming in as the next best thing. One of the ways I get the good deals is by getting over myself and shopping at joints that most people don't consider cool. I am not afraid to shop at the nastiest of thrift stores, Goodwill, yard sales, craigslist, etc. I am also not afraid to make an offer. Many people don't realize that just because it has a price on it, they usually will take less. Trust me, yes, it made me blush to ask the first few times what the cash price was but when we started getting $1200 mattresses for $600, I don't mind turning red. I compare prices on everything and when I find a good deal, I tell as many people as I can about the place so they too can save money. A good point: Mike Cady. Trust me people....you will not find a better deal on a car than from this man. AND he is honest...yes, an honest car dealer...you can find one!

2. Being a trustworthy person
Now, I may not be the best at returning a phone call at lightning speed, but I can promise you that if you are friends with me, I will try my best to never lie to you, hurt you or take advantage of you. I believe in being an honest, trustworthy person and I try to live that in every facet of my life. If I make a purchase at a store and get home and realize they didn't charge me for something, I am the one that goes back and pays for it. I would never cheat someone even if it is their mistake. To me, honesty is the best policy. This runs true in friendships....I have always felt that you can't fix something unless you know it's broken. If I have a problem with you, you can rest assured I am going to call you and talk about it. It just works better that way and besides, that's what scripture tells us to do right?

3. Making people laugh
I just love laughing. I remember one time Angie and I were driving and she was telling me a story about two women that laughed so hard that one of them broke her jaw. We got so tickled so we had to pull off on the side of the road. We laughed so hard that my face hurt the next day. Isn't laughing great! I love telling funny stories and putting humor into sad stories...it just makes life more fun!

Top 3 Things I Am Not So Good At:
1. Sticking to a budget
If we refer to #1 in the above list, that is a huge reason why. I find great deals and it is hard to pass them up, but every day I am getting better and better. I have gotten even better now that I use my paypal debit card because once I am out of paypal funds, I HAVE to stop spending $. Same thing with using cash and the envelope system that Dave Ramsey recommends, except that I was constantly borrowing $ from other envelopes which completely defeats the purpose.

2. Exercising
I used to love to do this....and when I get started and have a work out partner, I love going, but then something happens and I miss a week and...well, we know how this story ends. I do miss my college work out 5 days a week body though. Granted that body didn't have four kids and a mortgage, but you know, I could definitely firm up. Any inspirational ideas on how to fall in love with an exercise routine would be greatly welcomed!

3. Going without sleep
Why is it when we are 20, we can go 9 days straight on 3 hours of sleep and be completely fine? I am no longer one of those people. I need my sleep, perferably between the hours of 2am-8am. Yes, Jonathan takes the three older children to school so I sleep until 8am. Yes, Mary Elizabeth sleeps until 8am. Yes, if you are thinking about calling me tomorrow at 7:30am, please rethink that because I need my sleep because again, that is one of my top 3 that I am not good at. I want to be able to not sleep. I want to be a bright and perky morning person but I am admitting before God and everyone that I just don't think it is ever going to happen. even with coffee.

Are you ready?

On New Years Day, as we were getting ready to head to my family's traditional new years day lunch, Jonathan walked downstairs and looked at me and said, "Are you ready?" He meant, "are you ready to leave, to go..."

I just sat there for a minute.

It's 2008! A new year! A fresh start! Am I ready? OH YEAH! Not that 2007 was bad...as I shared earlier, it was a crazy, insane year and I learned so much. But it is OVER and 2008 is upon us and ready to start. So I am ready! BRING IT ON BABY!