Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Encores North Gift Certificate & Fireworks

If you need fireworks for the 4th of July, I have the perfect spot for you to buy them. You NEED to go to see my friends Tamara and Jesse at their fireworks tent at the corner of Long Hollow Pike and Caldwell Drive in Goodlettsville. Their tent is behind Volunteer State Bank and across from Walgreens and has that adorable banner that says "Buy Fireworks From My Daddy!"

Why do you need to go there?

Well, the most important reason is that Tamara and Jesse are hardworking, have four kids, and after being in Murfreesboro for 5 years, their tent got moved to Goodlettsville where they know no one. They will tell you if the fireworks you are thinking about buying aren't that great and take the time to ask you what you are looking for instead of just getting you to buy the most expensive thing.

The second most important reason is that if you go there and buy at least $25 worth of fireworks and mention you found out about them from me, they will register you for a $50 gift certificate to Encores and More North fall/winter children's consignment sale in August. How cool is that?

So go buy your fireworks from a local family and enter to win for the gift certificate for Encores North! HAPPY FOURTH!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Aaron Ivey : Between The Beauty and the Chaos

I met this wonderful couple through Alison and what a blessing it has been to watch their journey to adopt two more precious children from Haiti.

Aaron released their newest album June 23rd (my birthday) and on the 24th it was #1 on iTunes Christian category. J bought it today and we are listening to it now and let me tell you, WOW! You have got to buy this album and praise Jesus with Aaron. It is AWESOME! I am loving this and figure I'll have all the songs memorized by tomorrow at this rate!



Yep, I said it. I am overwhelmed. I don't think it's JUST the fact that I have five kids, I think it's the fact that I have five children plus I am trying to get the ball rolling for the consignment sale AND I am still trying to unpack and organize this house.

I keep reminding myself that Rome wasn't built in a day, but sometimes I do secretly wish I could snap my fingers and my "to do" list would be DONE.

Anyway, I'm putting this out there to let everyone know that I am not supermom. I do get overwhelmed, I do get stressed and I do want to check out every once in a while. Also, I'm putting my "to do" list out there to hopefully hold me a bit more accountable. I'm looking forward to crossing off the things listed below.

1. Get website updated for consignment sale
2. Get flier updated and sent to printer
3. Go though all the Encores supplies in the garage and make sure that any people that signed up for the mailing list are added for this mailing (Tracy, you interested in doing that again?)
4. Get scrapbooking closet upstairs set up and all scrapbooking items out of the various parts of the house
5. Get worker flier updated and send out email about workers to consignment peeps
6. Contact Old Navy and let them know our dates as they are interested in offering an Encores discount at the next sale WOO HOO!
7. Hang up various pics/art throughout house that needs to be hung before it gets stepped on by little feet
8. Get curtain rod for master bedroom trimmed down to fit window and hang bedroom curtains
9. Pick up paint and painting supplies for downstairs
10. Write thank you notes
11. Finish Alison's thank you notes before Char turns 12.
12. Take the HUGE load of items in the garage to the Good Samaritan Center in Hendersonville THANKS ALI!
13. Hang all of Anna's fall/winter clothes for consignment
14. Deliver hangers, pins and paper to VIP taggers.

I think that's it for now (at least the really important stuff). Trying not to get overwhelmed and hoping to knock at least 2 items off my list today!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


That's all I can say about THIS. I haven't laughed that hard IN A WHILE!

P.S. The above link goes to one of my new favorite blogs. Be sure to check out her more current posts. I snort with laughter every time I get on this blog!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Purging: Let's Talk Toys

I am almost finished with the upstairs of the house. I am very pleased that everything is fitting perfectly (well, almost everything) even though we downsized almost 900 sq. feet.

Downstairs in the finished basement which is a whole 'nother story. In this area we have a den with a fireplace, the twins bedroom, and what will eventually be Joshua's bedroom. Right now M.E. is sleeping there because she is such a great sleeper and I don't worry with her being on another floor.

Here's my dilemma. In the old house, we not only had toys in the kids' rooms, but we were also fortunate to have a bonus room that housed the craft table and ALL the craft supplies and then a toy room that housed, well, toys. In this house, the only common area where I don't mind toys is the downstairs den and I am completely OVERWHELMED with the sheer volume of toys that are currently stuffed in that room. The bedrooms are just not large enough to house toys and there's not a toy room. My "vision" for the downstairs den is to have their craft table with their craft supplies, a bookcase that houses all their books (my kids LOVE to read and have hundreds of books), and then put a sofa and a tv with the Wii hookup down there (upstairs living room is not big enough to play Wii). The problem? Mounds and mounds of toys. Some of them they play with, some they don't.

What I have found is that my kids play with toys in cycles. Legos in the winter when they are stuck inside, Anna may play with her American Girl dolls once in a blue moon although she BEGGED me for them. Probably the most played toys in our house is the McDonald's drive thru kitchen and the Rose Petal Cottage.

So, should I just get rid of all these extra toys? Am I a bad mom if my kids literally have hardly any toys? What's a realistic amount of toys for a kid to have?

I guess I just want a space where everything has it's place and the amount of crap in that room, well, just doesn't make that a possibility. I feel like the less they have, the more they appreciate what they do have and they actually enjoy those toys. I tend to pick up most of the toys at either consignment or at yard sales, so I don't have large amounts of money into any of these toys, but I do hate to sell something that they might want me to potentially replace. Anxious for feedback and wondering if anyone else struggles with the amount of stuff our kids have?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Having Five Kids...

wow, I could finish that sentence in so many ways.

I know I've been absent in my blogging but we've had a wee bit going on. Tomorrow it will be 6 weeks since J.T. was born. 6 weeks. It seems like 6 days tops. Since he was born, I spent 9 days in Houston, one week packing our house for our impending move, two weeks waiting for the people who were buying our house to get their crap together so they could close, now 6 days unpacking, and I'm tired.

I have decided that having three older kids is much harder than having two little kids. I have decided that I hear "momma" at least 754 times a day. I have decided that I am going to stop feeling bad that I get giddy (literally) when 5pm rolls around as I know J will be home soon. I have decided that house work, hot showers, and being "on top of things" is a thing of the past. I'll get it done when I get it done and honestly, no one will probably know the difference.

I have not had a migraine in over two weeks! I absolutely LOVE having five children and the fact that all their differences blend into a beautiful mixture of craziness that is my life.

Joshua started smiling last Tuesday, June 9th, and has completely transformed into a completely hysterical guy. He loves for me to say "talk to me" and he will literally carry on a conversation which consists of different pitches of cooing and smiling. He is fascinated with this tongue and hands, which he just realized are at the end of his arms. I LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing the older kids with him. Isaac and Luke are completely smitten, especially Isaac. They will sit and hold him for what seems like hours and whisper things like "hey there boy", fearing that someone will hear them. Mary Elizabeth thinks that every time he cries it's because he wants her to kiss him. Seriously. At the first wimper, she puckers up and kisses him. We call her the kissing monster. It's hysterical.

Anna leaves for middle school church camp Friday morning for 5 nights, 6 days! Yes, I said middle school camp. It seriously doesn't seem possible that I have a middle schooler. She thinks she is so freaking cool which makes me want to vomit and I recognize so much of myself at her age in her, which also completely freaks me out.

We LOVE our new house. I know I've said it before, but I swear this place is different. I feel so "suzy homemaker" here. I have a newfound love of home cooking and I love leaning out the back door and calling the kids in for supper. We have about an acre and at least 50 mature trees (the house is 37 years old) so the kids are having a blast exploring and pretending in our yard. I don't miss our big, new, fancy house. Don't get me wrong, it was great. But this feels like home. It reminds me of my grandparents house growing up. Nothing fancy, but a wonderful sense of being home.

That's our update. I'll try to update more as I can, especially once this house is unpacked. My OCD/ADD which I like to call ODD is really kicking in here and I find that I can't start on a new box until the last one is completely unpacked and in the right place. Oh, and because I start 30 new projects at once, it takes...a while...to unpack a box. It's coming together though and the most important rooms (kitchen, baths, etc) are complete.

Hope you're all having a wonderful summer!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Kids Clothes Basket - HUGE Sale

I love end of the season clearance at stores. I typically try to buy ahead for each of my kids because I hate paying full retail and no one but me knows it's last seasons clothing.

Well, one of my favorite places to shop, The Kids Clothes Basket, is having a major end of the season blow-out sale this weekend. Starting tomorrow, almost all of the spring/summer inventory will be 50% off the lowest marked price. Friday, it goes up to 60% off and Saturday, it's 75% off! She also has a HUGE selection of smocked dresses and outfits for $15 each during this sale.

It's hard to believe that fall/winter clothing is already coming in, but it is, so be sure to check out Julie's store this weekend for major markdowns. She also has just gotten in more boy's outfits and pieces so for all of you momma's of boys, she is trying to fill that need too!

Please go shop and let her know you saw info about the sale here! ENJOY!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A few pet peeves

Believe it or not, I've been keeping this list in my wallet and when it randomly drops out, I laugh out loud. Yes, this is truly my list of things that DRIVE ME INSANE. Hope you enjoy!

1. When the person in front of you at the drive thru orders and then pulls up about 2 feet. Keep in mind there is 2 car lengths between said car and the car in front of it, but they only pull up enough to keep you from getting up there to order and they just SIT THERE. They might take a phone call, send a text, pick a booger, whatever...but they are not moving up. Then, suddenly, they realize that you could park a barge between them and the car in front of them and they pull up. Never realizing that you have been sitting there for five minutes waiting to order.

2. Businesses that add a "z" to the end of their name. Like "Floorz" or "Tanz R Us" No need to worry, you won't see Encorez and More North anytime soon!

3. When I am trying to catch an elevator because I have a stroller and the line is 8 miles long because all the lazy people don't want to take the stairs.

4. When I am walking towards a door with a stroller and the person in front of me looks back at me, notices me with my stroller and proceeds to let the door slam in front of me.

Yeah, that's all for now. I'm sure I'll be back later to add more!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Pics of My Babies

Pics by Alison Bynum
Mary Elizabeth
Joshua: 2 weeks, 1 day old

A Day in My Life

I've had many of you ask "how's it going?" or "hey, momma of 5 kids!" or my most favorite is "when are you going to adopt your next one?" I thought I would take a few minutes to answer some of those questions.

First: "How's it going?" Honestly, pretty well. I am completely tired ALL THE TIME and look like CRAP ALL THE TIME, but it has been a much smoother transition from 4 to 5 kids than I imagined it would be. Mary Elizabeth has done VERY well with her brother, honestly all she does is want to hold him and give him kisses when he's crying, which turn out to be french kisses and she has now given him a cold. I honestly think I could say it's been perfect had we not been in the middle of moving and our closing fell apart last Friday, so now we are playing this wonderful waiting game while our entire house is in boxes.

Second: "Hey, momma of 5 kids!" Yep, I am. And some days it feels like I have a real live herd behind me. Especially when the older kids are acting like they are 3 years old and arguing. Had I been in control, I wouldn't advise bringing home a new baby literally 5 days before your oldest children get out of school for the summer. The older kids have been crazy nuts. It's like they are afraid that someone is going to make them go back to school early so let's pack as much into a day as possible. One minute they are in full bike riding gear cruising up and down the road, the next minute they are wearing swim trunks and goggles and begging me to go swimming.

Third: "When are you bringing home the next one?" Seriously, we JUST got home. He's not even four weeks old. I have figured out that the more kids you have, the faster people ask. I'm sure the octomom was getting asked like 2 seconds after delivery. To answer your question...I think we are done unless God has other plans. Jonathan and I both have a heart for Ethiopia, but unless God lays out a clear path for us to bring more children home from Africa, I think Party of 7 sounds kind of nice. Plus, I do look forward to retiring at some point and just being J and I again, and if we keep having children, when will that ever happen. It hit me a few days ago that when Anna graduates high school, we will still have a 7 year old. Nuts, I know. Plus, if you have checked out the costs of college and weddings lately, let's just say 5 is a nice number for us.

What's next for the blog? Well, I plan to chronicle the nutjobs that have lovely comments to make to me about our diverse family. The consignment sale is starting soon so I'm sure I'll have lots of good stories there. And I'm sure I'll find a few more tales to spin for you guys!