Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Then &Again

Today, I had a really good day. It could have been really bad but I discovered something today that I really think I am going to love.

My friend Natalie recently starting working at a cool store in Hendersonville called Then & Again. She actually went in to check it out and ended up getting a job all in the same day. She immediately called to tell me how cool the store was. I decided that on her first day I was going to stop by and wish her well and check it out, so I did. I FELL IN LOVE. They sell this amazing paint called Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and the whole store is filled with items that either the owner, Dawn, or her consignors have painted using this paint (there's lots of cool other stuff there as well).

When Natalie told me about a class they were offering on June 20th, I walked up front to sign up without realizing it was $150. Now, I don't know about you, but we live on a budget and don't just have $150 laying around, but I knew I had to do it. I was drawn to it. I wrote the check, called the hubs to apologize, and anxiously awaited today.

My sweet mother in law came and got the kids and I got my first real break since school ended. I actually got to eat breakfast by myself and arrived at the store at 9am. We got right to work as Dawn and her lovely assistant, Michelle, told us the history of Annie Sloan and the details on her paint. She has 30 amazing colors and then she sells clear wax which is a must and dark wax (which is basically a stain). We immediately started working on different projects learning painting techniques like tinting, blotting, dragging your brush, etc. I should probably take this moment to tell you that I have never painted anything in my life besides a wall (which I didn't enjoy and didn't do a good job at). Simply, I fell in love.

I also got a massive migraine that was blinding in my right eye.

I pressed on, texting my hubby to make an appointment for the doctor but continued to take notes, wax, stain, buff. Oh, I loved it. I loved it when I got to the doctor at 4pm and I had dark stain under my nails and random paint on my fingers. I loved the peace I felt turning a piece of plain old wood into something beautiful. I can't wait to get my paint on tomorrow.

So...tomorrow I am going to officially paint my first piece. I'll take before and after pictures and I figure even if I mess it up, I only paid $20 for it on Girlfriend's Trading Post (thanks Beth!). I hope if it turns out like I hope, I can refurbish a few pieces that I've picked up at yard sales.

Yes, I still have the headache, but I figured I should be doing something versus laying in bed so I wanted to blog about my painting experience today. I want to remember the first time I did something I think I am going to love. I'll keep you posted ;)

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