Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Funeral Arrangements for Betsy

Yes, sad but true, but Betsy the Beast has gone on to a better place (actually, she is sitting in a towing lot in Nashville)

This morning my dear husband drove her to work because today was bike day at summer camp (this is the last full week for the kids to go). After dropping them off at camp, he proceeded to work. On his way, a lady hit him. He is ok...really he is...but the lady is at the hospital with neck/back pain. The police determined the wreck was her fault. I picked him up at Mrs. Winner's where the police dropped him off and we went to the visitation of Betsy at the tow in lot. She ain't pretty.

I'll miss you Betsy, but you know what, you are just a car.....and I am so thankful that my husband is ok.

Now to find a new car and a new name, sounds like fun huh?


Chris Thomas said...

He was listening to The Fray, wasn't he? Or maybe the lady driving the other car was listening to The Fray. Don't you just love saying The Fray? I'm glad Jonathan is okay. Maybe now he'll stop listening to The Fray. The Fray.

Brea said...

Actually, he was talking on his cell phone to a client, Mr. Smarty Pants. He said he felt so bad after he realized he had dropped the phone (he dropped it as he realized she was getting ready to hit him). He called her back to let her know he wasn't dead on the side of I-65. And you know what else? I was talking to your wife on the phone when he called to say he had the wreck....I'm sure I freaked her out!

Anonymous said...

sniff sniff:(! I never even got to go for a ride in Betsy! Dude and I so loved the color!! We have a minivan that you can purchase. Call if you want details :) That really stinks!
Glad to hear that your hubby is ok though, way to think on the positive side of things!

Karen said...

Yikes! I am so glad he is ok!

BlessedWithDaughters said...

Wow...big doin's! So glad Mr. Brea is OK.

I just discovered you're in TN. My fave aunt and uncle are in Old Hickory, TN. We love your state in general...go there all the time for vacations.

Love and hugs...again, glad the Mister is OK!

Brea said...

Just an update: Betsy visitation has been moved to Tom Bannon Chevrolet in Rivergate. Anna paid her respects today.

Jennifer Fleming said...

Wow It looks like a bad wreck thank the lord he is ok!

Kim T. said...

I love it - "Mr. Brea!"