Monday, July 16, 2007

More Updates

Yes, the news here never ends....

My sister went for her OB appointment today and they are going to induce her next Tuesday, July 24th. Maggie weighed in at almost 8 lbs today so she is going to be a whopper. The best part was that we got to see her on ultrasound again today and she has 1 inch of hair!!! They moved in with us last Tuesday and things are going great here EXCEPT that her husband Josh had to be admitted to the hospital on Sunday for an infection in the fluid around his heart. He's doing ok though and hopes to be home in the next few days.

Still no adoption updates, although I did talk to Amanda and she confirmed that we are not yet approved. Other things have come up in the office that got us pushed back, but hey that is ok with us....I just feel blessed that our profile got shown even though we aren't yet approved.

Betsy is officially gone. Jonathan went and removed plates and personal effects today and we will be picking up a new Suburban tomorrow thanks to Mike Cady at Dixie Motors! I'll put some pics on here tomorrow of the new beast and although I had planned to open up votes on names for this one, I am already leaning towards a new name, so we'll just see what she feels like when I drive her tomorrow.

I just realized I have never talked about the kids consignment sale I run! It is called Encores and More North Children's Consignment Sale and it is coming up soon (August 18-25) You can visit our website at to read more about what children's consignment is. I put this in here b/c I will probably be talking more and more about consignment over the next few weeks and I am even considering linking this blog to the website because we have so many friends through consignment that want to be kept up to date on the whole adoption adventure.

That's it for now folks....believe it or not, I actually have a migraine tonight that I have fighting off all day, but it is time to give in and go to bed. We have a busy week here so keep us in your prayers and I will post as soon as I know one way or the other from Amanda about what the birthmother decided.

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