Thursday, July 12, 2007

A Quick Update...

Not a word from our social worker....we figure one of several things could have happened. The birth mother didn't come in today to view profiles, they are viewing profiles tonight instead of today (we assumed it was today), or she has looked them over and hasn't made a decision. We have had a billion phone calls today, thanks for the prayers and be assured, we will post on here the MINUTE we know something.

As for Betsy, we received word this afternoon that she has officially been totaled so I am now car hunting. Our good buddy Mike Cady has got a white suburban I am going to hopefully check out the meantime, we are driving a Nissan Sentra that does not comfortably seat our family.

Keep on praying for us...and thanks for all of your love and support!

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BlessedWithDaughters said...

For what it's worth, and from my experience, a delay in hearing something usually means that the expectant mom is taking her time making a decision. Sometimes she'll even take profiles with her to show to family and friends (if they know about her placement plan) to get their opinion. I worked with a different agency, but they were good about getting back to me as soon as they knew something either way.

I could be totally wrong, but hopefully that's something of a comfort as the clock goes, "tick, tick, tick..." *smile*

Hang in! Still praying!