Sunday, July 15, 2007

Who Knew?

That a little baby pool that a friend of mine gave me because it didn't sell in her yard sale would be such a big hit? Hannah (Anna's best friend), Alexandra (Angie's daughter), Luke, Isaac and Anna LOVED IT!


Anonymous said...

Is that your new ride in the back ground?? Mike hooked you guys up good!:) Looks like you would have plenty of room in the back to carry them everywhere! I think it fits you pretty well!
Looks like they are having fun! I can't wait to get in a pool again, Em gets her cast off tomorrow, one more day, whew!!!

Brea said...

Yeah, Mike Cady is the MAN!!! No, seriously, that is granddaddy's truck that we haul consignment sale stuff with but hey, not a bad idea. We could be REDNECKS carrying our kids around in the back of the pickup truck! YEE HAW

Sarah :0) said...

Hey wait a minute..I WAS a REDNECK kid that got hauled around!! I turned out fine...right?

We do need a replacement Betsy update.

Anonymous said...

You WERE raised in Greenbrier, right?!?

As for Sarah turning out ok, the jury is still out on that one! :)