Thursday, July 12, 2007

My Friends Are SO Talented

Ok, so I have to brag on some friends of mine...

First, my friend Kim's husband Chris is a great guy....SUPER funny and always trying a new venture. He works for Dave Ramsey and is the guy who introduced me to Which Wich (great food by the way). Check out his newest gig here (I'm adding his link to my blog roll as well!)

Also, my friend (AND boss at Gymboree) Beckie's husband has made it onto a reality TV show that will be on TV this fall. He is a great songwriter and singer and an amazing cook. Last weekend they went home to PA to visit family and while there, the local news asked him to do an interview. Check out Jason Kabler's interview and remember to vote for him on Songwriter's USA this fall!

Good job guys!


Beckie said...

Thanks Brea! We love ya! Beck and Jason

Chris Thomas said...

Awwwwwwwww. Just to make it very clear, I'm not leaving my day job. This is just something I'm doing on the side. Thanks for the link!