Monday, July 30, 2007

Josh update

7/30 11:21 pm

Sorry for the late delay....we got a few minutes of rest and Ms. Maggie is sitting here nursing like a champ (pray for Ali's boobs....seriously!)

Neurologist did a full assessment and easiest way to say it is that he felt Josh was very responsive but that he did notice that he was having some short term memory issues (repetitive cycles and yet couldn't remember those cycles a few minutes later)but that could be many different things, especially considering how early we are in this ball game. He felt that with as far as Josh has come today and his age, he should make a nice recovery. They will be doing some tests either tonight or first thing tomorrow morning on his brain and I will do an update first thing in the morning.

Mom and dad will be here at 7am to take Ali to the hospital as we prepare for our movers at 9am. We went and walked through the house tonight and although it is a bit dirty, cleaning can come later!

Alison told me to tell this wonderful group of people that she loves you so much, is so thankful for your thoughts and prayers and especially to the members of Long Hollow....the people who have shown up tonight who don't even know them and yet have loved them. THANK YOU! They have only been visiting our church and yet you have made her and Josh feel loved and supported more than you will ever know.

Pray for that restful sleep....Alison has decided she doesn't want us to move but we told her she can shack up in the prayer pit til her man gets home!!! For those of you that don't know, we have a full finished basement in the new house and we have decided that it is the greatest room for having prayer time for each other. My best friend Angie wants it to the be the scrapbooking pit, but hey, there is plenty of room for all of that right!?!?!?



Anonymous said...

wow, what a day u will be having! I will be thinking of all of you!
and just for kicks, you move more than military people! I mean it!


Anonymous said...

hey Brea, we are praying for Josh and for Ali, I can't imagine how difficult this must be, especially with a brand new baby. But our God never gives us more than we can handle, so if there is anything at all that you need don't hesitate to call, seriously!!

You guys are in thoughts and prayers.
Much love,

Anonymous said...

Hi this is Megan Poole Stamper (my father is the later Larry Poole). We are praying for you sister and husband during this difficult time.
We love you guys so much take care,
Stamper Family

Anonymous said...

Remember we're praying for you in this battle...It will all get done, Josh will recover, you will get moved, we'll feed you and clean for you when you are in need,
Alison & Maggie will do great (even those "boobs" will toughen-up), God is in control, so you don't have to be! REST In HIM!Our God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in heaven!
I have a casserole made for your family as well as sandwich makings,
I told Jonathan I'd bring it by this afternoon late. Loving you,

Anonymous said...

Please let Alison and Josh know that they are in our prayers. I am so glad to hear that he is doing better. Also, their baby is so beautiful! What a strong person Alison is. It is wonderful to have you all around them for support.

God Bless,
Nicole Bearry (Seth's mom)

Anita said...

Brea I am so thankful that Josh is doing better. I am praying for wisdom (supernatural, if need be) for the doctors as they look for a reason for the memory loss and the cardiac arrest. I am so glad to hear that your church family is ministering. God's will be done!

Anonymous said...

Hey Brea!

I just found out about Josh and Maggie! Wow, I guess shouldn't go out of town...

Please let me know what we can do to help! I might have a little retail experience if you need any help getting ready for your sale :)

Please let Alison and Josh know we are thinking about and praying for them...

Feel free to call us for anything!

Duane and Lisa Hayward