Monday, July 30, 2007

What can you do???

Josh Harris, my brother in law-husband to Alison-daddy to Maggie, had a seizure this morning at 1 am. He struggled to breathe and as waited for the ambulance to arrive, Alison saved his life by administering CPR. He was shocked 4 times and successfully the GRACE OF GOD he had his breathing tube removed a few hours ago and although it will probably be a long road to recovery, Josh is alive and knows his wife and family. I write this quickly because I want all those prayer warriors to know what we need prayers for:

1. FOR JOSH...pray that the ultimate healer will continue to heal his heart. That doctors and nurses can figure out why Josh's heart stopped and can correct the problem. Pray for his salvation, that he knows that the Lord loves him so much that he chose him to be an example to others.....that Josh will know that the GREAT PHYSICIAN saved his life, not luck.

2. FOR ALISON....for her strength as she recovers from a C-Section and is still nursing Maggie (the super sucker) like a pro.

3. FOR MAGGIE....that she will continue to have patience with her mommy and daddy as they focus on each other

4. FOR THE UNBELIEVERS AND THE ONES WHO DON'T HAVE A LOVING RELATIONSHIP WITH THEIR HEAVENLY FATHER!!! I always wondered if my faith would be tested in a time of tragedy and today I learned that HE gave me more strength and peace than I could ask for. He brought a miracle forth and I think so many have given up on miracles. If you don't know Christ today and are reading this blog OR you long to be closer to him, stop reading this blog and hit your knees and talk to your daddy. He loves you....and he is always there for you. He doesn't want his relationship with you to only be there in times of tragedy...he wants us to LOVE HIM ALL THE TIME....unconditionally and non-questioning. He wants to show his miracles but we can't see them if we are lost in doubt and fear. Talk to your daddy, ask him to take over your heart and life and start living your life in HIS WILL.

THANKS for your prayers...I'll update as I have time.


Jeanine said...

Prayers and love from us to Ali, Josh and Baby Maggie.

Anonymous said...

mom just called me b/c she just now read her original e-mail. I just want you to know that I will do anything for you! I know you have a lot of friends at church at LHB but you know I will. I know if it were me, I would want my mom and my sister. I know you and Ali are that way too so please remember I will do whatever.