Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Josh Update

8/1/07 10:28 am

Sorry for the delay in another update. Our forgot that in a move you have to move your computer and comcast has their own schedule....although the man they sent was wonderful.

Josh was moved to a regular room yesterday afternoon. THANKS to my best friend Kim Thomas for lunch and Susan Harris for dinner last night at the hospital. The fact that they don't have to leave to eat means so much.

I brought Alison home last night about 7pm as she is mentally just zapped (as you can imagine) She got a decent nights sleep and is at home right now getting cleaned up and geared up for the day ahead.

As soon as I get her to the hospital, she plans to call the heart doctor at Centennial to get his recommendations for Josh. I feel pretty confident he will be moved unless everyone that says they are coming magically appear at Hendersonville and the level of care go way up. Brea's opinion: I feel that now that he is stable they just don't seem to feel this is as critical as it was (which is true is some degree) but WE NEED TO FIND OUT WHAT CAUSED THIS. Seizures and cardiac arrest don't typically happen for no reason.

Josh is doing great...he is still cycling to some degree (tells you his tongue is numb about 4 billion times...he bit it (we think during the seizure) and therefore, it is swollen up pretty good. That is to be expected as his brain is probably overwhelmed and underrested. We have determined the last thing he remembers is last Friday (the day before they came home with Maggie). Right now he does not know how critical he was simply b/c he would worry himself to death about it. He cried for an hour yesterday b/c he couldn't understand why he didn't remember Maggie being at home (we put the picture in his room of Maggie on the ottoman) He had a bath this morning so I am sure he is feeling much better. Someone is staying with him around the clock until we figure out where he is going simply because at this point, they are only checking vitals every 4 hours and we just don't feel comfortable leaving him alone. My dad spent the night last night.

I will post more later. GOD IS GOOD. Keep praying!

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Kim said...

Great news! God is indeed GOOD! I know all the family is taking great care of Josh, I agree maybe moving him to a more specialized hospital would be of great benefit, although a farther drive unfortunately. Though Ali is definitely being looked after, she needs a close eye too, this is not a good recovery situation for her to be in post-partum, post-csection. Would love to come get Anna for a few days if that would help, even if it wouldn't, would love to have her. Maybe Al can have her bed. Talk soon...