Monday, August 6, 2007

Josh Update

8/6/07 5:14 PM

Wanted to give everyone a Monday afternoon update on Josh. I have been fighting with a migraine headache that is determined to win...hence, my delay in getting something on here earlier.

Josh is doing well...has had some pain the last few days from the biopsy but seems to get better every day. He was able to get up and get a quick shower this morning and has had a ton of doctors in today. Right now, Dr. Watterson is leaning towards something called Cardiac Sarcoidosis. They have ruled out Lupus and several other auto immune issues, so I will keep you posted on this.

As of right now, they are planning on putting in the internal defib tomorrow. We are hopeful he will get to come home on Wednesday although we definitely want to be sure he is ready to come home first. Josh is definitely getting antsy and wanting to be at home in his own bed.

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