Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sofa Express and More

Ok, so I bought some new furniture. It is all beautiful, wonderful, good quality, etc. If you need some good, new furniture check out my favorite salesperson at Sofa Express and More in Rivergate (she is a cutie-patootie named Jeannie) and ask for the Brea discount. Yes, she will give it to you.

Jeannie is wonderful...their delivery service is not. It bites too cause I was ready to type on here that it was the perfect transaction from start to finish, but alas...that is not the case.

First delivery of the beautiful, wonderful, good quality furniture left me with a sectional in about 8 pieces in all the wrong places.

Second delivery of the beautiful, wonderful, good quality furniture happened without them even telling me they were coming. Yes, you read that right. They called me from my driveway wanting to know why I wasn't home. BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T TELL ME YOU WERE COMING AND I AM AT WORK WHICH IS WHERE EVERY OTHER NORMAL PERSON IS AT 10:20 AM ON A TUESDAY!!!

Needless to say Ms. Cutie-Patootie and I will be having yet another chat about the delivery boys tomorrow. I'll try not to pull a Ju-Ju.


Anonymous said...

So , I have had the same problems with them and Jeannie was my sales lady as well, very sweet.

However I tell people not to go to Sofa Express for furniture. We ordered an over-sized chair, with the speciality fabric that you can personally pick out, and a couch and loveseat.

Needless to say, our over-sized chair looks used and like you bought it from a discount furniture store. I won't type anymore but to say that I feel your pain on this one!!

Anonymous said...

to all who step foot into a sofa express...turn around quickly!from top to bottom,this company is a failure.ive worked for this sad company. you do not know the horror stories ive experienced.no one cares about the customer.managers are clueless,delivery guys dont care,sales reps dont know the product.on a side note...in combination of the customer and delivery men it is 90% the customers fault for expecting too much and by fellow customers not tipping...shop eleswhere.

Anonymous said...
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