Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The 2 Weirdest Things People Brought to the Sale

Again, if you brought the two things listed below, I don't mean to offend. Trust me, we have had a good laugh out of these so thanks for providing entertainment for us over the last 6 days.

THE FLASHING LION. Yes, it is a lion that has a red, beating heart and as he sings "Ladies Night" he strips. PEOPLE, it is a children's consignment sale. The adult sale is next week.

THE BURPING AND PASSING GAS MAN. Yes, press one of his four buttons on the front and he will burp, pass gas, laugh, etc. Never mind that he looks like a 380 pound man with a beverage in one hand and a cigar in his mouth. Again, the ADULT sale is next week.

Can't wait to see what we get for that one.


Michael said...

Is the "gas passing" man still available. Sounds like something I would like. Mike Cady!

Anonymous said...

Please Brea!! Don't let him buy it...we already have enough of the real stuff flying around here and that's all I need to add manly ambiance to our home...

Jenn C