Friday, August 3, 2007

Josh and Adoption Update

8/3 8:39 PM

Ok, first I am pooped so if I make some typos in this email, forgive me.

Josh is doing well. Had the artiogram at Hendersonville Hospital yesterday. Dr. said his heart looked great and very strong and did not appear to be large (we had been told several times that his heart was larger than normal)

Not long after the procedure, Sumner County EMS showed up and transported Josh to Centennial Hospital. He was loopy from his procedure but my dad got to ride with him down there and from what I hear, they are now big buddies with the EMS crew. Boy, would I have loved to be a fly on the wall in that ambulance.

The level of care for Josh as soon as he arrived was AMAZING compared to Hendersonville....honestly, I felt like it would be but WOW! The doctors came in this morning and basically said NO INTERNAL DEFIBULATOR TODAY because they wanted to make absolute sure he needed it before putting it in. Dr. Bailey felt that they should put as much importance on finding the cause of the cardiac arrest instead of just slapping in the defibulator. He had an echocardiogram this morning (to be honest, I am assuming this looked fine as I never heard the report on this) and then they ended up doing a biopsy on the tissue surrounding his heart (I think this is right). Evidently, everyone has about a 1" area that they can go in to do biopsies, etc. without having to actually open you up. The doctor found the fluid around his heart to be low (which is has been high) and that he did in fact have the periocarditis. The biopsy showed that this was caused by a viral infection, not bacterial. They put in a drain for any excess fluid and told him he will be uncomfortable for a few days (OUCH!). Based on the findings thus far, there is talk of going ahead and putting in the internal de-fib on Monday but as you can see, things change on a moment's notice so I will keep you posted.

Justin (Josh's brother) and his wife, Lori, and best friend Ryan headed home today and from what I have seen and heard, they did an amazing job getting Josh and Ali's house unpacked and cleaned up. Josh's parents arrived back down here again today. Jerry (Josh's dad) will be staying at Centennial tonight with Josh and Pam will be staying at home with Alison and Maggie. Maggie is still the BEST baby, but having more issues at night sleeping. She is not going to bed until about 1 am but sleeping 6-6.5 hours once she finally goes down. She went back to the doctor on Thursday and had gained 4 ounces in 2 days!!

Keep on praying...God is GOOD and again, I want Josh to see how much the Lord loves him. I can't begin to thank everyone for their love and support....special thanks to Jason Smith for taking off Ali and Josh's trash and delivering a piece of furniture, Beckie and Jason Kabler to dinner last night, Kim and Chris Thomas for keeping Anna all day today and tonight, and ALL THE PRAYERS! We feel them...the fact that we are all staying healthy and rested is amazing!

We DID send in our profile but it's very different this time. I am completely at peace and find that I barely think about it. Probably because I have plenty to think about, but I just KNOW God is in control so nothing to worry about! We did set up the nursery tonight and I LOVE IT! We hung up clothes in the closet, assembled the crib, and put baby stuff in the changing table. Jonathan, Isaac, Luke and I had so much fun and made some great memories. I can't wait to see Anna's face when she gets home tomorrow and sees it!


Kim said...

It actually is our pleasure to have Anna here - she and McKinley are big buds and we all love having her with us, a very big help for such a crazy day! I wasn't sure what to believe about her "real" bedtime tonight - she crawled in the bed to read at 9:10, I told her she had til 10 and I'd be back. When I came in at 9:50, she was out! So funny checking on two sleeping girls...

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to hear Josh is at Centennial!!! Is he on the fifth floor"? The greatest nurses in the world serve on that floor ( I know, I've been there twice in 2 years)! They will get him back on his feet.
Rest in the LORD regarding the adoption, that baby will come on time!
I pray that you will get some rest
over the weekend. If you need anything, call us!

Susan H.

Anita said...

Thanks again for the update. I am glad things are going well. It is such a relief to hear that the doctors are determined to figure out what caused the cardiac arrest.

Still praying.

Anonymous said...

Amazing news, from an Amazing God!!! I'm soooo glad the news is getting better and better! Hope you guys are getting sleep, and remember, I can do whatever you need, just call me or shoot an e-mail!!! Love ya, Holley