Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Consignment Sale, Adoption, Kindergarten, OH MY!

I wanted to post to update everyone on the status of the consignment sale. We have gotten in some GREAT stuff and still have two days of drop-off left! It is already full so we are praying that once again, God will stretch those walls. It is amazing how much I have found that prayers have been answered as soon as I lift them up....the other day, I said (out loud), "Lord we really need some more tables!" Within five minutes, people were coming in dropping off tables. PRAISE GOD!

I can't tell you how awesomely smooth this sale has gone. Our workers have been AMAZING!!!! Usually at this point, we have the 9:30 am crew come in to a huge wreck of things we just had to leave the night before. This time, they are coming in with minimal work to until people start dropping off.

Being so busy has kept my mind off the adoption, but it has also slowed me down in that process. Our social worker emailed us on Friday telling us she would let us know as soon as she heard anything from IL and that she needed profiles....I am JUST NOW getting those done.

The boys first day of school was today. They go from 7:30 am until 10 am. They were both very excited and gave each other BIG hugs before they went into seperate rooms. I then went to the cafeteria for a breakfast they were hosting for the K moms. They called it the boo-hoo breakfast. I call it the OH YEAH breakfast. The boys love school....what do I have to be sad about. They get to learn how to handle situations on their own, learn new things that they will take with them the rest of their lives, meet new friends. I think we should feel BLESSED, not sad. Am I misty that they are really old enough to start this new journey, SURE, but am I sad that they have matured into the fine young boys they are....HECK NO!

Last but not least, I had to tell you about the conversation Anna and I had in the car yesterday after her first full day of school. It hit me while we were driving to the sale, I met my friend Jeanine in 4th grade which means we have known each other 21 years. I met my friends Kim, Erin, Christy and Shauna in 6th grade so we have known each other 19 years. Anna is in fourth grade, so the friends she makes now could very likely be friends she could potentially keep the rest of her life. How amazing is that? She thought it was so cool...but she also thought I was REALLY OLD to have been friends with people for that long!


Kim said...

I told Chris the VERY SAME THING when I realized Anna was going to be in the 4th grade - that's when I met some friends I still have to this day!

Anonymous said...

thanks for saying I was amazing! ha ha ha! the sale is going so smooth this year ( so far) it has been a joy to work with you and Julie and Angie. Ya'll are so funny.

Rach! not Rachel

Erin said...

wow. I guess that means we have known each other for a long time too. I miss you. Hope you are good. I am glad I can keep up with you from your blog!