Thursday, August 9, 2007

Home & Bored

Yes, Josh has officially been home 24 hours and is bored to death! He is very sore from the surgery and has pretty much been resting and just lounging around. Comcast finally came today and hooked up their cable so hopefully he will have something else to free him from boredom. Jonathan and I and all the kids stayed at their house last night "just in case" and Maggie had her best night yet. Ali had to wake her up to eat and then she slept for 7 hours. How blessed is she?

Josh has restricted movement in his left arm for the next 3 weeks. No reaching about his head, etc. simply because the leads are attached to his heart and they don't want one to come un-attached. He also goes to Vanderbilt on Tuesday for a second opinion which the doctors at Centennial actually SUGGESTED! Can you believe that? I think it is awesome that a group of doctors would be so confident in their care that they would suggest that the patient get another opinion just to see. Evidently, Josh's case is so rare that he seems to puzzle everyone. I'll keep you posted on what they find out.

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